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With the hashtag #ellasnomerepresentan you are objecting to vandalism – Noticieros Televisa

Twitter has a hashtag "#EllasNoMeRepresentan" with which women have rejected acts of vandalism in response to gender-based violence.

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Women do not agree with the attacks on several men and consider them acts of "incitement to hatred".

Yesterday on Friday in Mexico City, thousands of women took to the streets again to protest sexual abuse and to demand the eradication of gender-based violence.

A group of hooded women broke into the march and committed vandalism.

There were hail and destruction at Metro and Metrobús stations, some shops and facades, and even in the Angel of Independence column.

There were also damaged vehicles and aggression against some people and reporters.

On Friday, August 16, more than 6,500 women demonstrated at the invitation “Bright", A demonstration against sexual abuse suffered by police in the police Mexico Cityand generally against sexist violence.

Peaceful demonstrations in its beginnings led to acts of vandalism. Six afternoon ago at Rounding off the Insurgentes Metro Station, there were already 100 women, mostly young, dressed in black. Many with purple or green scarves covering their faces and with a glow, which became a symbol of protest after what happened with the secretary last Monday Citizens' security, Jesus Orta.

I do not want more, I do not want more, I do not want more pain here, I pray every day for respect, "said one protestor.

By six in the afternoon with 20 minutes, there were already 600 in attendance. The march was urged by groups and organizations at half past six "They don't take care of me. They rape me."

The concentration began peacefully around 6:30 pm, when various feminist contingents read manifestations, displayed large banners and danced in a circle against sexist violence.

When the group read their position regarding violence against women and sexual assault allegedly committed by police officers, behind the CDMX sign was placed a group of members of the so-called "black bloc" or "black bloc".

It's up to my mother to rape, kill us. I came to speak for those who cannot because they have been killed, raped, disappeared or simply because they cannot, ”said Hanna, a protestor.

A moment later, the vandalization began.

There were piles on the floor, Metrobús furniture, walls, vehicles.

The other attendees walked around the roundabout. The slogans did not stop. At one point, there were more than six thousand protesters.



"Justice," "Warning that a feminist fight for Latin America is walking," "They kill us, and you do nothing," "Thank you for justice, not revenge," "Feminism has never killed anyone, machismo kills every time. "," My body is mine, I decide, I have autonomy, I am my own, "are some of the slogans heard in the march of women that, contrary to their behavior with men, protect people of the same sex.

Building Citizen Security Secretary It was guarded by dozens of female police officers. There were occasional conflicts there.

After 7:00 at night, windows to the station Metrobus

Outside, the men were separated from the demonstration.

Media representatives were also attacked, first by diamond and paint.

The strongest aggression was committed by a man who mixed between protesters and knocked out journalist Juan Manuel Jiménez.

A group of women reacted immediately.

At eight in the evening all the furniture in the room Rebels are circlingIt was useless. Then the fire came.

That's where the demonstrations began to spread. Verbal conflicts, now, with citizens and by the way, had pins in businesses, parked patrols, walls and even subway stations.

Nine o'clock at night, the group made their way to the Florence police station, which they vandalized and set on fire.

One of the aggressors against the media and men who found her way out claimed that her behavior was due to the anger over the rape and mistreatment that women face on a daily basis, as well as the lack of justice for the missing.

He called "traitors" and reporters defending his peers as well as female police officers from the Secretariat of Citizens' Security who attended there.

It should be borne in mind that on July 10, 3 and 8, in Mexico City, police reported three cases of rape of a woman, one minor.

After the pursuit of cameramen and television reporters filming events with sticks and various objects, protesters decided to end the day, which began at 6:00 pm with a concentration called "They don't care about me, they rape me" in the Rebel Bowl.

At 10.40pm on Friday, feminist groups decided to end a demonstration on Florencia Street in the Juarez neighborhood of Mexico City.

Protesters burn down a police module in Mexico City

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