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Copyright Collection: Morocco 50

Morocco Information Kit – Morocco's copyright set-up is up to 498% in 2017 to 5.4m. Went up to the euro, third place in Africa and 49th in the world. Global Collections 2018 ". This was announced on Thursday by the International Association of Authors and Composers (CISAC).

The legislative framework in Morocco has raised sharp increase in revenues of developers, which in 2017 will increase to 4.2 million people. The euro reached the second place in the African continent, according to 239 authoring societies from 121 countries.

Due to the introduction of a guaranteed remuneration scheme, personal copying in Morocco (78.2%) was a source of personal income and its savings lasted more than six years. year.

Regarding collections of musical rights, they have increased by 567% to 7.8% of savings in Africa, says CISAC, while 75% of African companies have collected in 2017. the growth was 15.7%.

The world-wide rights reserved for the authors of all the repertoire, including music, audiovisual, fine arts, live performances and literature, reached a record 9.6 billion euros. Which is 6.2% more than in the previous year, as compared to 2017.

Revenue generated by digitally-used jobs exceeded a billion euros, up 24.0%, almost three times the revenue (+166%) due to the increase in flows in the five-year period and recent video flow.

With regard to the music repertoire, its collections totaled 8.3 billion Euros (+ 6.0%), the first-ever figure of a billion euros.

Despite the increase in digital revenue reaching 1.27 billion euros in all directories, this sector produces a much lower amount of television and radio broadcasting than the direct category (live) and the atmosphere.

In addition, only 13% of the authors' revenue is compared to digital (compared with 11% in 2016), "showing a great difference between online content and amounts that are available to authors."

For the fifth consecutive year, the success of growing authors points to the fact that the increase in revenues from all repertoire, television and radio at the moment does not hinder the traditional revenue generation of digital growth.

Established in 1926, CISAC is a non-profit, non-profit organization with headquarters in France and Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, which works for the protection of rights and interests. creators from around the world.

CISAC is a leading global network of authoring societies and is composed of over four million authors from all regions and catalogs.

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