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Discover the time this Saturday in Morocco

These are weather forecasts for the Sabbath Saturday, May 18th, established by the National Meteorological Directorate:

Very hot weather in the southeast, east of the southern provinces and the interior of Soussa.

Strong clouds with thunder and thunder in parts of southern provinces.

Low clouds with fog or fog, in the morning and at night, on Atlantic coasts and plains and the Mediterranean.

High clouds in the north of the country and clear and gentle sky somewhere else.

Sandstone on the southeast and south of the Oriental.

Mostly strong winds from west to north in the east and southeast, north in the central and western plains across the Tangierois and moderate to fairly strong from the west to the north somewhere else.

Minimum temperatures of the order of 07/14 ° C, north of Oriental, phosphate plateau and Oulmes and plains north, 22/29 ° C in the southeast and is the southern province and 15/22 ° C somewhere else.

Maximum temperatures of 18/25 ° C on reliefs, northwest, north of Oriental, Mediterranean and near the coast, 25/32 ° C in the south of the Oriental, Saiss, phosphate plateau and Oulmes, the inner plains of the northern and central and extreme south, from 32 / 39 ° C in Chiadma, Soussu, southeastern slopes and north of the southern province 39/42 ° C in the extreme southeast.

Sea in the Mediterranean and Detroit, thrown between Tangier and Boujdour, locally disturbed between Cap Sim and Tarfaje and a little upset in the south.

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