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OCP: YouCode is a platform for integrating youth into digital professions

El Youssoufia, a delightful village situated approximately 60 km from Benoiter to Safi, is known primarily as one of the oldest cities of OCP phosphates. For some time, the young Moroccan has pleased you with the YouCode, a result of collaboration between OCP Group and, which specializes in developing digital skills.

It has a network of digital factories operating in more than 42 schools around the world, some of which have been marked as "Grande Ecole du numérique". Since its inception in 2013, Simplon has trained over 2,200 students worldwide. At El Youssoufia, the first class of the 112th grade students took place on October 15, 2018 at the School of Inclusive Digital Development in Morocco. This school is based on teaching young people and is based on modeling. pay attention to the market and make payments on future specialties. Access to YouCode does not require technical or certified prerequisites. The only condition is that applicants should be between 18 and 35 years old.

All you need to do is go through the online-screening procedure to access youCode. We invite interested candidates to create a series of logic tests on the website. More than 3,000 people applied for the first campaign. After several tests, 112 pupils were chosen to offer YouCode advertising, which would take part in a two-year course. It should be noted that 69% of applicants are from the region of Yusuf and 29% are young women.

"Two-year course" allows young people in the region to become professionals in the field of active development. It offers 2-year training that combines the theory and practice of YouCode. The first year is dedicated to IT development, as well as with digital challenges and projects, as well as meetings with master classes and companies. The second year, in its turn, is fully devoted to the specialization of pupils in advanced technologies, especially with the labor market in the digital labor market, "said one of the schools. A multi-task team monitors the progress of YouCode pupils. It consists of referent trainers, technical specialists and job placement.

Please note that the YouCode project was run under Act4Commumity. The Act4Community – OCP Group, launched in September 2017, is a Community Action Device. It allows each employee to engage in volunteer activities through community projects involving community benefit. More than 30 OCP employees volunteered to implement the YouCode project.



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