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The beaches of Leger, Tiznita and Agadir ranks among the "most beautiful" in the world

This is the latest ranking of the world's best beaches in 2018, led by the US travel website, that there are two beaches in Morocco. it This is the beach of Legzir, Tiznit and the famous Agadir beach.

"The World's Best Beaches 2018" listed 411 beaches this year on five continents. The result of this survey of 1,200 journalists, editors, bloggers and travel professionals around the world has identified these two Moroccan beaches among the most beautiful in the world. This is the beach of Legzir, Tiznit and the famous Agadir beach. Thus, the Legzira beach is ranked in the Top 50 of the most beautiful beaches of Africa and the untouched beaches in the world, and the Agadir beach is positioned in the Top 50 best beaches of the city on a world level.

"Our comprehensive list gives travelers excellent resources to learn about the strangest and exotic coasts in the world, a list that will surely contribute to your desire to travel and inspire your next travel plans," says the website for information on the online tour operator.

The same source represents the Legzira Beach as "an isolated beach that gives you the impression of traveling to a land that humanity has not yet discovered. The place is so great that it's hard to believe that there really is" and where the orange and red colors of sun rays should not be missed.

The site of the tour operator, who describes the "beach" of Agadir as "huge" and even talks about camels that are not often seen as a wanderer on his golden sand, also reveals the property he offers, that is, "relaxation, sun, leisure and security." I emphasize that "visitors who are looking for an adventure will enjoy more expensive skis, quads, buggies and camels." Families with small children can be surprised at a nearby tourist train. "When you need refreshment, it's easy to find a smelly mint seller on the beach, a local specialty . "

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