Tuesday , June 15 2021

Kerkrade decides to rent stadium Roda JC month – 1Limburg – News and Sports from Limburg

  1. Kerkrade makes decision to rent Roda JC moon from Limburg – News and Sport from Limburg
  2. Minority Kerkrade to support Roda JC De Limburger
  3. Update: "It's still not a contract on Rhodes: the opposition party in Kerkrade is struggling" VoetbalPrimeur.nl
  4. Kerkrade contract: Rental of Roda JC stadium halved 1Limburg – News and sports from Limburg
  5. Bizarrno turned Kerkrade: however, postponing the decision to help Roda JC De Limburger
  6. See the whole story through Google News

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