Wednesday , February 24 2021

The Zwijndrechtse bat succumbed to the rage

Birdclass Karel Schot in Rotterdam sounds an alarm. The doll entered the animal protection organization, which turned out to be rabid. This brain infection is also life-threatening.

The stick is located in Zwijndrecht. The animal was in front of the house. He screamed like a lunatic. The children's schools were threatening to catch him, but the residents of the house called animal emergency assistance for safety.

It turned out to be a good idea. "We assumed that the animal was sometimes sick, and that proved to be a research," says André de Baerdemaker of Vogelklas.

For the first time in three years, Karel Schot again sees rabies with sticks. The organization warns people not to touch the blind mice in order to prevent contamination. "Call an ambulance or us," says De Baerdemaker.

Rabies or rabies is a brain infection and can be fatal, especially if the virus breaks through the nervous system through a spleen of a sick beat. People first get fever and cramps in swallowing muscles and breathing muscles.

Not all blind mice were carrying a virus. Also, blind mice are not the only animals that can transmit rabies. Dogs, foxes, blind mice and cats can also get the disease and spread them further.

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