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According to the NRA, the medical community complains of being "on its way."

Katerina Van, KATU News

The Medical Association and the National Shooting Association are fighting for social media. This comes as the NRA comes after twin doctors have to "keep on track" of debate about weapons rights.

Last month, a medical journal published in the Annals Internal Medicine magazine, says that arms-borne violence is a public health crisis and doctors play an important role in reducing weapons and death by training patients.

NRA announced the responsibility for the absence of evidence supporting theoretical theory: "Has this post reviewed whether the authors have considered the evidence or whether they have found work to meet their needs …". [American College of Physicians] explains one thing: they are much more respectful of their rights and opinions than the law-abiding weapon owners. "

Thousands of medical professionals are involved in the personal experience of weapons trafficking.

Some have put graphic images to create a dot.

Chronic Chronic Illness:

Dr. OHSO Dr. Esther Choo wrote to the NRA on what to say about the violence in arms. The document signed by more than 13 thousand medical workers.

Richard Botterille worked on the other side of the bullet. She is in the Providence Medical Center at the emergency room. Many victims do not see much of the weapons, but conversations are always with him.

"When people are shot, there's a lot of blood … When people are armed with guns, it's not just a hole, it's breaking things inside and there are big holes," he said.

He says he understands both sides. He hunted and possessed weapons. According to him, the clashes in Twitter show that many human rights activists have come to an eye or not.

"There is no irresponsible attitude to this situation, it's humanity, people are dying," he said.

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