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More than 4500 lightning strikes hit New Zealand within 24 hours

You could forgive yourself for thinking that the earth was stuck in an AC / DC music video with all the lightning strikes that hit the weekend.

At 24hrs to 6am, today the earth was hit by more than 4500 lightning strikes, as lush rain and thunder stormed around the nation.

The areas of the western southern island were carrying the greatest burden of stormy weather, with 200mm of rain falling over 24 hours.

The lightning strike in Levin was caught on the camera as he hit the retirement village and the smoke rises from the roof immediately after the impact.

The strike came with a deafening thunder that swirled about 10 seconds after the screw hit the roof.

A spokeswoman for Air New Zealand said the flight from Wellington to Dunedin had been redirected this morning due to lightning strikes.

A spokeswoman said that the aircraft were designed in accordance with this scenario.

The wild and humid weather this morning caused a desolation, flooding many parts of Wellington, while strikes to 117 km / h hit the capital.

In other places, temperatures ranged between 22C high levels in Masterton on Saturday to -3C overnight in Timar on Thursday.

Over the weekend, many have experienced long periods of sunshine and clear skies, including Auckland yesterday before the rain arrived today.

Looking at the next week, MetService predicts multiple weather systems for crossing New Zealand.

Meteorologist Hannah Moes said western winds are pushing a low-pressure system for another across the country, which means there's a more time-changing journey.

The next front will move around the country from late on Monday and Tuesday, and the other is expected on Wednesday, and the second from late Thursday.

"It's not all bad, between these transient weather systems we'll probably see some clear times," Moes said.

"And the ski resorts will appreciate cooler temperatures and precipitation that add to their snow bases."

Sunshine will be in the mix for some areas, but it looks like a Sunday full of internal activities for Kiwa kids at school holidays.

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