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Spice Girls Reunion Tour is dreaming about every boy from the '90s

REVIEW: When I was seven, I got a tape recorder for Christmas. Inside was Spice Girls Wannabe tape. It was the brightest Christmas I ever had.

I spent the last 20 years obsessed with Spice Girls, but I have never seen them live yet. When my sister, Juliet, surprised me with tickets for their performance at Wembley, London, I lost my mind and uncontrollably cried. (By the way, we both live in London, nobody has money for flights).

We are planning our costumes from December, but we are preparing ourselves for this event from the day I received this tape.

I've always been Ginger Spice. She would violate the rules, and she did not mind telling her what she was thinking, even if she had thrown people out of the comfort zone. She met me with the female power that was the catalyst for a full feminist I'll become later. Julia is Baby Spice because she is the youngest in the family and these are the rules.

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I had a serious upset before. I was so concerned that I would be terribly disappointed. What happens if their performance is so low that I can not love them anymore? Imagine that before my eyes, every musical memory I had had just disappeared in the smoke of smoke.

Fortunately, I can say with certainty that this did not happen. The tour of Spice Girls Reunion in London was as varied as life and amazing as I hoped it would be.


"The tour of Spice Girls Reunion in London was as varied as life and incredible as I hoped it would be," says Alice Brine.

We were really extra with our costumes that we later found out that they were better than everyone else.

Going to the stadium, hyper is real. A lot of braids and lots of group singing. We were rogue composed almost exclusively of women in the late twenties, united girls and platforms. Vibe on the stadium was in place.

Julia and I were friends with everyone around us. Two guys from New York in front of us, and then, by some crazy coincidences, four Kiwi women behind us.

We were technically sitting, but nobody sat down. The stage was modern, but the band continued to hold Spice World aesthetics in the early 2000s. I liked it.

The technology was incredible. I do not know what you call the big lights and screens in the show at the stadium, so I'll call it a "technique."

It's no secret that the only one who can sing in the band is Mel C, and the others have horrible voices with which I am perfectly fine. However, I do not want to hear them.

I was so worried that she would actually sing all about how to live and live. It would be awful. Nobody wants to hear their real voices, we want Mel C, and then many excluded microphones with dubbing.

Spice Girls live at Wembley, London.


Spice Girls live at Wembley, London.

Now, I can not confirm with certainty, but every song I sang sounded was the same as on my tape. It was absolutely perfect, so if everyone does not magically learn how to sing in a year, I guess some sort of magic-lyric-microphone happened, and I support it 100%.

Mel C definitely had his own microphone, but he pulled some notes in the style of Adele. This woman has pieces. Sick vocals. So impressive.

I think we can all agree that the worst thing ever happened at any concert is when the band is mostly doing its new album. It's like a dagger in your heart. It happened to me once in The Smashing Pumpkins, I never forgave them for it. But Spice Girls absolutely delivered goods.

They played only one song from their strange phase in mid-2000, and the rest was just a banger after a banger, after a banger. If I were a decent music reporter, I would keep more notes on the exact songs they performed, but I did not. Instead, I was completely sucked into Spice World and sang at the top of the lungs for each lyric. My third eye was open. I experienced what he felt as if my life was officially spicy.

Alice Brine and her sister Juliet planned their concert costumes from December.


Alice Brine and her sister Juliet planned their concert costumes from December.

The group looked incredible. It's actually crazy that money and plastic surgery can be achieved these days. Sports Spice wore futuristic gloves and leather tights. He reminded me of the many things they were wearing in the action scene: "Spice Force Five" Spice World film.

Mel C has the most chopped body ever, as a sexy Wolverine woman. Ginger was posing her own view, the royal interpretation of the singleton singlet from which she made an icon from day to day. Mel B came out of the universe. She had hair and a leopard cap. Not playing games at all. The baby wore a lot of pink.

And they made a lot of changes. I should be able to remember more about their different suits, but honestly I just screamed, sang and cried so much that I forgot to write notes.

I can not determine the best song they made, but the one who gave me the most crowd was Goodbye. As soon as it began, the bracelets of the whole stadium were lit, we all agreed on each other and just sang and cry.

At the end of the song, Spice Girls hugged and wiped away tears, which made me cry even more.

I'm pretty sure that everyone secretly drank wine from Spice-merch all the time. Mel B had a cup of straw spices, and the cameras were so high that you could say that coffee did not come through that straw.

Looking back, it was a great emotional experience, but I also think that a large part of the pay came from the fact that both Spice Girls and I had two wines.

Mel B, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Mel C perform the first night of the band's tour in Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland.


Mel B, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Mel C perform the first night of the band's tour in Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland.

In short, the world tour of Spice Girls, live at Wembley, London, was 10 out of 10.

Do not misunderstand me, I am aware that they are not musical geniuses. Musical, these things do not change, and this concert can be interpreted as another sold-out Wembley tour. But fans are not there to experience a musical genius.

We are here to experience the power of a girl and return to a time in which hopes and dreams are not destroyed by an unbearable rent.

These songs return us to the time when the summer was still there, and global warming did not kill all bees. We were here to cast ourselves into the ocean of nostalgia and pop music we loved all these years.

The tour of Spice Girls Reunion is absolutely shipped and Girl Power officially lives.

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