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50 years since landing on the Moon – but the NRK emission has been erased

DELETED: Space expert Erik Tandberg, 86, was a commentator of the NRK when Apollo 11 landed on the month of July 1969. But now the bands from the show have been deleted. Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB scanpix

The 50th anniversary of landing on the moon will be marked by braai and a bram. However, the NRK's ​​narrowing roles with the 1969 broadcast were played. – Almost unforgivable, says the expert.

July 20, 1969 at 21.17.40. The Norwegian time has lowered the Eagle to the Moon. This year, it's 50 years since the man first put his feet on the foreign celestial body.

A few million people followed the trip for a month on TV. In this context, the reunion with the PRC broadcasts from the event could have been natural, but that is not possible.

The tape blankets that contained the broadcast were actually reproduced.

– It's a terrible sin. It's almost unforgivable, says Eric Tandberg to NTB.

The Norwegian people were freed by landing on the Moon in 1969, as an NRK expert.

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– I can only regret it

The NRK confirms that the broadcast has been audited.

In the sixties, it was unusual to record shows that went directly, because the recordings were very expensive. Still, he recorded the shows from the landing to the Moon.

– But in the 70's they were erased, as was usual at that time. Viewed from today's eyes, this seems completely incomprehensible, and the NRC can only complain that it did not take care of the offspring for such an important event, says Petter Volas, Media Executive Director at the NRK, NTB.

Take a look at the historical landing here:

The anniversary is marked by many places in the country.

The Technical Museum in Oslo started its celebration. In April, the Moon Landing exhibition was open for 50 years. Visitors can take part in full Apollo 11.

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The consultant for the exhibition is Erik Tandberg, who also shared his private archives and collections with the museum. The exhibition is open until October 27th.

On the day of the anniversary on July 20, a series of events takes place in the museum. Among other things, Tandberg himself will apologize for the Apollo program and landing on the Moon.

HISTORY: Grainy television images from the landing to the Moon in 1969 became part of the world's collective memory. Neil Armstrong is to the right of the picture, while Buzz Aldrin is closer to the landing ship on the Moon, a bit to the left of the flag that was planted on the moon. Photo: NASA / AP / NTB scanpix

Astronauts to Oslo

The NRK also marks the anniversary, although the 1969 broadcast was erased. In the days that lasted until July 20th, they send numerous documentaries and films about landing on the Moon. Among other things, they send "The Drama of the Month", the American documentary series in six parts. The first episode will be broadcast on Tuesday, July 9, in the NRK1.

On August 28, an anniversary of the anniversary is held in the concert hall in Oslo. Three American astronauts are on stage. Among those who came in was Charlie Duke, who flew to the Moon in 1972 with the Apollo 16 boat. He is the youngest person to go to the moon.

Fred Haise, who also took part in the dramatic Apollo 13 expedition, is also coming.

On the Moon: Buzz Aldrin on the Moon. The photographer is – quite natural – his colleague Neil Armstrong, who sees the mirror in the visor on Aldrin's helmet. Photo: NASA / AP / NTB scanpix

Repeats images

In the United States, CBS was responsible for the most famous television broadcast in 1969, and the legendary journalist Walter Cronkite anchored in the studio. On the CBSN channel website, historical shows are re-emitted at the same time as in 1969. Emissions start on July 16, when Apollo 11 was shot from John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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