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An unexpected American achievement by American singer Anne Strathan

PLOT TOP: Annie.


Twenty years after he became the leader in "the mountain stream," Electropopist Annie Billboard is the center of the album heading – Travis Scott Rappen.

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Annie Lilia Berge Strand (40), known as Annie, was one of the most well-known Norwegian pop horses around the millennium – as part of a club stage in the mountain range of Telle, where the residents made their first steps, such as the convenience of Roycep and Catholic.

Annie's career has been a far cry from the big sales. And nine years after the release of the album, she suddenly made an important contribution to the largest selling album in America.

American hip-hop producer Metro Bomin chose one of the songs "Anthony" in song "Overdue" since 2009.

This is the No.2 track in the Metro Boomin album, "Not Heroes, but Caps" billboards album list. Annie's song was cleaned, the red lantern of the song was musical.

Millions of Rolls

Rapastier Travis Scott is known as Katie Jenner's daughter and daughter's "Outdated" vocalist.

"It was a surprise in all respects," says VG. Annie.

"This song went just a week later, as we confirmed it was a song and a day after the day.

"Obligation" is not just an album filling; It is also listed on the official Billboard Hot 100 of the United States. This week's 62nd place is one of Seven Tracks in the Hot 100, Metro Bumin.

"Obligation" is currently the fifth best-known song on Metro Boomin Spotify, where it plays 9.5 million times a week.

Annie is one of five songs in the song. Economic success does not want to ask about it.

"But the song is very good.

According to him, artists may be aware of Anthonio's 2014 film "The Guest" about the movie "The Guest".

"It's a wonderful thing to do," Annie says.

Annie focused on the song "The Greatest Hit" in 1999. It is based on an incomprehensible model of the Madonna classic "Everything" and opened many doors of the artist.

The challenge is strong

He made music with his friend Tor Krock, a genius DJ and a producer named "Erot". However, he died of congenital heart disease in 2001. Annie has lost his father since he was young.

"The more you lose, the stronger you want to achieve your goal. The opposition was much stronger for me, – VG said. In 2004.


Norwegian newspaper Geter in the Swedish press

Annie finally raised and popped up a career. In 2004, he won the hit with the "Chewing gum". A great deal of attention was also given to the heartbreaking "Heartbeat". The debut album "Anniemal" has been critically acclaimed and has been featured on several international charts.

Disagreements with the recording company made it difficult for the release of the "Do not Stop" album (2009). Since then, Annie has dedicated her creative work to the electronic subway.

In 2014 he was tall It is a video that punishes Putin:

Annie Bergen returned to Bergen after a while. On May 20 this year she has a daughter.

The artist is an active DJ and will soon be playing in Toronto. She writes songs for herself and other artists, and says that this is the third album.

– But in Anni's style, it takes some time!

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