Saturday , February 27 2021

Bjarne Brøndbo – "It's sad to go to Christmas with D.D.E. without frodo

Bjarne Brøndbo calls "Christmas night in Prøysen" on TV 2. Every Monday until Christmas, D.D.E is a vocalist at Prøysenhuset in Ringsaker.

"Here I gather guests, big husband and chefs who provide real Christmas accessories," says Bjarne Brøndbo.

Christmas Christmas on TV 2

The snow is coming out, but inside the fireplace the fire falls. At the center of the program are traditional Norwegian Christmas party, personal Christmas experiences, strong stories and Norwegian food and Christmas traditions.

The guests through the time of arrival are Anita Skorgor, Linnaeus Myhre, Marion Ravn and Ole Paus.

"I have been on TV for years, with DDE and as a judge in" Norwegian talents "and co-director of" Good Summer, Norway. "But this will be my debut as a program leader and I am excited about the outcome and reception, he says.

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