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"Alfa and Omega I win, it was a tough fight. Before today, I did not feel like I was close to winning the match, but fortunately I was the best, says Magnus Carlsen NRK.

After twelve real reminders in the long run, everything should be decided in return. In the fast jersey he went right to the attack. He won the first and second series, and only needed a third party to secure the World Cup title.

Magnus Carlsen never lost his change and did not change in London.

– I'm very happy. It was a very, very good day at work. The first party was quite stable and exciting, but I then cheated on him at that time. The other side was complicated, but I had a good feeling. The third was a little nervous, but I never felt I was in danger.

I'm glad to take care of it fast

Although Karlsen won 3-0 in the game, he believes Caruana is the strongest opponent in the World Cup. Earlier he met Vishy Anand and Sergey Karjakin.

– It's hard to evaluate this title. Caruana is the strongest player I've ever met. At the same time, I did not win any classical entertainment. I am very happy with the game, but I still have a lot of work.

Is that the relief you feel now?

"I would be much more relieved if there were more difficult moments today. It's been pretty good, the world champion ends with an eye view.


WORLD MESTER: Magnus Carlsen could see at a news conference after the game.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Fabiano Caruana was not pleased with his own efforts in the game.

"I had a bad day and I did not play well, I was totally catastrophic with white pieces, it was a big disappointment, I was not close to being at his level today, so he was completely deserved to win," Caruana says.

Lost loss

After 12 reminders against a very strong Caruana, there was a great excitement about the turn. Then the relief was great when the title was in the box.

– It's a relief. The threat of loss lasted for us a long time. We're going to celebrate tonight. I think it means a lot to him. He did not imagine the loss, but now he has proved that he is the best when it comes to the most, "Agdeštajn says.

– 3-0 in the game is superior. He is steamy, says president of chess Morten L. Madsen.

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