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Daniele De Rossi finished in Rome – A wise gladiator

On May 26, Rome plays the last home game for this season. The battle is becoming important in order to secure the rights to the Champions League bets next year. Still, many will think this is far from the most important thing that is happening that night.

The captain and legend of the club Daniele De Rossi plays his last match for Rome at the Olimpico Stadium.

At a press conference on Tuesday, De Rossi announced he would not continue his career in Rome. The captain did not have to offer a new contract with the club, but he wanted to keep playing football. It is currently unknown where the Italian wants to continue his career.

– The gladiator clock

Commentator at Viasat and Serie Expert Rolf-Otto Eriksen believes this is almost an unthinkable day for fans of Rome.

– First, Totti gives up, like the king. Now the prince is following. Daniele De Rossi is what the locals call a true Romanist – a hundred percent of Rome. He is as rare as a real club player with real feelings for the club, says Eriksen Dagbladet.

Furthermore, the expert says De Rossi has to be greeted as a completely complete soccer player.

– De Rossi's macho look and hard tasks made people think he was just a gladiator. He's a lot more. He is a very intelligent and smart footballer – a wise gladiator. "Prince" has a lot of playing strings.

The picture shows De Rossi's special tattoo he put on his leg.

Endre Lübeck comments on Italian football for Strive and supports Eriksen in the sense that De Rossi had in Rome.

– De Rossi, along with Totti, is a symbol of the club and pride of the city.

Great career

A very strong midwife signed for the Youth Academy in Rome in Ostia Mare in 2000. De Rossi debuted a year later for the team and did not look back. He quickly settled in the first delivery, and since then he has been an invaluable contribution to the capital team.

At 18 he played 615 games and scored 63 goals for the club. There were 117 matches and 21 goals in the national team.

The 2006 World Cup was successfully seen in Italian eyes, and Italy went to the end. De Rossi came in as a substitute in the final against France and scored a goal in the shootout.

In 2009, he was named Player of the Year in Italy and is still associated with larger clubs. Nevertheless, the true Romans chose to stay in their beloved Rome.

Now the commander confirms to thank him for himself.


In connection with De Rossi's dismissal, Rome as a club receives strong criticism. It has been two years since the club's greatest player, Francesco Totti, was not offered a new contract and had to leave the club he played, he loved and carried through his career – according to his wishes. The same goes for De Rossi now.

For Roma owner James Palott it is said that the owner is absent who does not have any influence on football. The fans have now hung the banners around the capital where they show dissatisfaction with the club and the owner.

– Children from Rome, captains and icons. Here is the respect and love shown by this club.

Another banner is even more critical.

– The president is a pig and the club is incompetent.

The commentator of the Lübeck series thinks that Rome was in a good way dealing with the situation of old De Rossi.

– De Rossi starts to become an old man and missed many matches due to injury this season. I think Rome has worked well on the situation, which De Rossi also expressed. After all, I think De Rossi can be a good coach, and maybe we see a Roma team with De Rossi on the line, and Totti as an important VIP manager in a few years?

It's obviously a confession. Outside the house De Rossi hangs a banner with the text "DDR – our pride." Francesco Totti also praises the former teammate on his Instagram. The Roma director does not keep praise.

– You were and you will always be my brother. I love you, Dani.

The next step?

Now they are speculating about what will be the next step in the general midfield. Italian media report that New York was the first club to present a concrete interest in De Rossi. A team from a never-sleeping city will not fight for his signature, as big teams like Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Boca Juniors are also referred to as potential players.

The city tried to sign De Rossi back in 2012. PSG is also mentioned to prefer Italian services, and Gianluigi Buffon's goalkeeper friendship will increase his chances. Boca Junior, on the other hand, has former Roma Nicolas Burdisso as a sports director, and De Rossi has never hiding his admiration for the Argentine club.

It remains to be seen how the legendary Daniele De Rossi continues his active career.

With Totti, and now De Rossi, Rome has lost its two biggest profiles over the past 20 years.

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