Tuesday , June 15 2021

Danish bank is charged with money laundering

The case is being updated.

The background to the judgment is the internal report in which the bank admits that it had poor control routines from 2007 to 2015 in its branch office in Estonia.

During this period, about 200 billion euros were spent, nearly $ 2.000 billion, without the fact that neither the buyers nor the suspicious circumstances were adequately examined.

According to the judgment, Danske Bank did not even question whether money laundering or the risk of money flowing to finance terrorism could be done.

Finanstilsynet and Scotch in Estonia are also investigating the bank, and US authorities have requested job information.

Dansk is now investigating whether it is possible to initiate criminal proceedings against a bank in Denmark for violating the Money Laundering Act and is also investigating whether persons in the bank's management can be personally liable.

The sentenced sentence was pronounced on Wednesday only against the bank as an institution, and not against the appointed persons.

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