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EXTRA , war price – Now the price of Christmas goods has fallen

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Coop chain Extra has cut prices for nearly 150 Christmas items from 60 kroners since Friday. Kiwi and Rema also report declining prices.

"We will see that prices will continue to move towards Christmas." Then the question is whether we have received the totally unhealthy conditions we previously had. It is impossible to predict, says Harald Kristiansen, Communications Manager at Coop, for Nettavisen.

Extra has cut prices for nearly 150 Christmas items, including Christmas candies, Christmas cake, Christmas beer, Christmas brusel, turkey, gingerbread, edamer cheese, lutefisk, hawthorn and grøtris.

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Many of the goods have been reduced by only a few pounds since last Friday, while some goods have been cut by more than 30 percent, such as cake and sour cabbage. Nuts and bulk are reduced by 25% to 179 kilograms, representing a fall of NOK 61 per kilogram.

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Kristiansen says the price cut started last week, when prices for paper for Christmas packaging were reduced by one penny.

"Since then, we have constantly lowered prices and we generally see a decline in prices," says the communications manager.


However, he believes it is not only necessary for buyers if prices are far away. Earlier extreme cuts included Marzipan prices below $ 5 and sour cash less than four dollars. The problem is that the products break with shelves at a record speed, so the stores are empty.

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"Although people want the lowest possible price, I do not serve stupid prices because people are starting to wait for others to not get what they have on the shopping list for Christmas." So this is a balance, says Kristiansen.

He emphasizes that it is important for low-tariff chains to have low prices, so buyers choose their stores.

"Christmas season is very important for us, and we are waiting for the competition to be sharper to Christmas. The extra will be involved and struggling," says Kristiansen.

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Kiwi: – We are even cheaper

Kiwi says they are cheap or cheaper on all comparative items on the Extra list.

– Kiwi is and must be the cheapest. We are in charge of the price campaign and we put pressure on prices every day. We note that competitors are following our prices, but it is always worth paying for Kiwi, "says Kristine Aagvaag Arvin, Kiwi, for Nettavisen.

She adds that every day is a difficult competition.

Rema 1000 confirms that they are following the fall in the price of the food market.

"In Rema 1000 we are working to get the lowest prices on thousands of production lines throughout the year, and Christmas products are no exception. This week we see that the market price of some products for Christmas falls and can confirm that it applies to these products. adequate or more to our customers, "says communications manager Frederick Jahr at Rema 1000 for Nettavisen.

Newspapers were also in contact with Kiwi, confirming that lately the prices of Christmas items have significantly decreased.

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