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– She's a rat

Therese Johaug has shown that she could become a long-distance runner in the international class race when she races for the 10,000-meter champion and gold in NM.

Many were impressed with her level, and as far as Dagbladet knows, the race car is playing with the idea of ​​racing during the European Championships in Paris next summer.

– It was very impressive. After all, Therese Johaug is a big mess. I wasn't surprised either. He trains a lot with capacity and also has a decent amount of training, which is exactly what you need at 10,000 yards, says Dagbladet's Amalie Iuel.

The 20-year-old even set a championship record when she won the 400 meter hurdles at NM.

– It has tremendous stamina and it's very, very impressive. It wasn't too far from the World Cup claim, it was great fun to see her there, Iuel boasts.

– Raw paw

Johaug ran on time 32.20.87. Only four other Norwegian girls ran faster than her in the distance. And then it should also be said that Johaug ran with "normal" sneakers and with minimal track training.

– How much do you think she could have had more experience and proper training?

– Unfortunately I didn't see the race, I was warming up at the time, but I saw a little repetition and prominent difficulties and now I don't have much idea, but it is possible that it will find a more economical way to run. It can help, Iuel says.

– You see she's a skier in the way she runs, but I think it was really impressive. She's a rat, the canopy continues.

The 25-year-old says there was a lot of attention around Johaugh in NM, but that she deserved it.

– She did a great job and it's really cool to be involved.

stunning: Amalie Iuel is great with her language skills, striking out Karsten Warholm and discovering. At the same time, Iuel's little sister is amazed. Program Manager: Øyvind Godø. Video / Editing: Kristoffer Løkås
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The Great Revolt

Johaug's fantastic efforts have generated headlines and discussions, both within Norway and beyond Norwegian borders.

After the weekend in NM, reports emerged that athletes did not start the 10,000 meter because Johaug would not humiliate them.

Amalie Iuel does not want to speculate on the claim that several participants quit because of fears that they would be criticized afterwards, but this prompted Johan Kaggestad to react, among other things. Facing Dagbladet, he slammed for the news.

– It says something that there must be something strange in their own ambitions. It is not uncommon for athletes to be useful in sports. That says something about those who choose not to attend if the information is accurate, Kaggestad told Dagbladet.

Johaug also said she was considering a placement in next year's European Championship.

– It would be fun to try. But if you want to be quiet, then you need to prepare a little more than you have before. We must never say never, Johaug told the PRC after the move.

Former head of the Swedish national team, Richard Grip, thought Johaug was a good idea.

– It can be risky for her to run on the track. It will cost a lot more than it tastes to commit to the European Championships, Grip recently told SVT.

During a news conference in Torsby, Sweden today, Johaug responded to the allegations. He claims there will be no problem.

– No, there's no danger with that. I'm going to go "cross in" this winter. I only applied because I wanted a good workout, which is why I tried to have the best time possible, Johaug tells Swedish Expressen.

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