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SNICK: Cyberpunk 2077 – Gamer.no

It is possible to claim that CDProjekt Red won the show when Keanu Reeves took to the stage during the Microsoft Conference with his infinite charm. But we're not here to talk exclusively about Kean Reeves. Cyberpunk 2077 was released early next year, and we've been stunned by what a huge game can offer.

Night City

The last time we showed the Night City, a mega-city in Cyberpunk in 2077, it was a beautiful and picturesque part of the city we showed. Skyscrapers with neon lights and cold cars were found abundantly, and the blue and sunny skies covered the horizon – at least what could be seen from him. During E3, the second part of the NC is shown; a plagued and poor neighborhood known as the Pacific. The name is pretty fancy, and so.

Photo: CD Project RED

Pacifica meant it as a beach paradise for the rich and well-known, but the economically stunning and cripple has led wealthy investors to reducing injection at the last minute. This sets the foundations of a neighborhood where massive housing complexes are empty and unfinished, large shopping centers abandoned, and violent and rival gangs that took over the streets.

Although a part of Cyberpunk reminds us of aspects of the previous game of the developer, The Witcher 3, this is still something completely different. A great opportunity, a choice in dialogue, an extraordinary acting and a wonderful world are all the similarities that can be mentioned on the foot that stands, but everything has changed on the surface. Cyberpunk 2077 takes place exclusively in the first person, which means that carefully focused mid sequences are lost in which a player loses control over the camera. All in all, it reminded us of GTA V after adding the first person's regime, where it is walking in a big city in a beautiful environment. And maybe it's no wonder that Night City reminded of Los Angeles (or Los Santos, then) because NC was actually supposed to be somewhere between LA and San Francisco.

Another huge change is that you create your character in Cyberpunk 2077. The truth, no matter who you create – and be that man or lady – your name will be "V". All in all. Go.

However, what you can not change is that John Silverhand – played by Keanu Reeves – is almost done with you. Silverhand follows you as a kind of cyber spirit, and appears on time and out to comment on events and may even give tips and praise. In a demo version, for example, he took a temp in a somewhat creepy situation and it makes him create a cool mood.

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Gangs in combat

The presentation was about the mission in which V must help one of the powerful gangs in the Pacific. The Voodoo band is made up of excellent hackers who are in conflict with another, violent group known as Animals. This allows V to get to know the leader of the hacker group, who may be sitting on a response related to the mysterious embedded chip V.

However, in order to gain access to the group, V has to give one of the leaders, Placide, access to the "brain" in its system, which seems daunting to risk because they can then gain access to what you hear and see. This is something we assume that it can happen in several places and at different times, and you actually had the opportunity to pull your hand and fall. This would probably mean that we did not have access to what we wanted or we had to find another way, but that many alternatives suggest that CDPR takes their business seriously.

Photo: CD Project RED

What was particularly exciting was that the election options depended on what we did, i.e. What features our figure could boast after using the level points. The design is, of course, different, but the level of the tree reminds a lot of it in Witcher 3, since you can choose to invest in certain properties over others, including strength, hacking properties, and the like. For example, a super-powerful V can open the door lock only by fists, while the smart hacker will be able to take over the enemy's brain and make them shoot. Again, the possibilities look endless.

So many options

Cyberpunk 2077 is also a shooter, though you hardly need to release a shot. Our V was, among other things, equipped with automatic weapons, but since we did not keep it in the controller itself, it's hard to say anything about how it feels to shoot. The area that we were supposed to take, we slaughtered, although it was possible to enter the Rambo-style. Of course, there is nothing new in the gambling industry, but again there were opportunities that we got in the way it made a difference. V could use garbage crushes to solve dead or unconscious enemies, reprogram the gymnasiums in order to remove the wearer and squeeze to the dead who trained and forced the robot – essentially friendly to his sparring partner – to take extra effort and kill an undefeated gangster.

Photo: CD Project RED

The only thing that was a bit boring was that the close fight did not look as deep as I wanted. We are told that a very strong figure can carry heavy weapons and make it easier and easier to turn stronger, but turning the enemy to the fleece has worked the same way as in any other game of the first person – probably with one click on a lever that puts one simple animation . However, this was probably the most boring demo version, which can be said to promise good.

At the center we met a lady with the implants that made it very strong. There was still one catch. The container on the back made it almost super-fast and removed her pain sensors, and the fight against it in that state was not an option. That's why it was supposed to destroy this core, and then get rid of the rest of the ladies. After an intense battle, with screens and surfaces that sped from the land that made it difficult for them to orient before the woman's cavity spoke mega-dreams through the screen and straight toward us, we ended up as a winner.

Not saying too much, everything did not go according to plan, and in the end we faced the counter-hackers who worked for cyber policemen in Night City. He promised us that he could give us more money than the gang we worked for. With one we faced with a difficult choice; Do we need to change the party or stay faithful gangs?

At the end, we finally stood face to face with the person we initially wanted to know, and she could say something very secretive. It is a completely different and almost infinite world of cyberspace, with a mysterious force that tries to pass through a digital wall known as the "black wall".

Photo: CD Project RED


It was wonderful to confirm that things seemed to be dull of Cyberpunk 2077. Even the dirty and crooked part of the Night City looks absolutely nice, reminiscent of a slightly dystopian release of Los Angeles wherever it is possible if they have the courage and the means to carry it out. Possibilities for upgrading levels, dialogue and narrative options and approaches are very numerous, and I think Keanue Reeves himself said the best in a recent interview: "It's kinda not just your end, it's also the choice of one's own way." We are extremely excited to see V, Night City, and last but not least, John Silverhand when the game was finally released in April of the following year.

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