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– Someone wants to hurt her

– Obviously, there are some who will hurt Bertheussen and War by setting up such repeated attacks on them. The question is who and why, says John Christan Elden.

It has now been more than a week since Dagbladet discovered that new information was received in a criminal case against Laile Anita Bertheussen, a neighbor of former Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara (FRP). New information arrived in the form of a PST package.

Dagbladet confirmed from several sources that Laila Anita Bertheussen and Tor Mikkel Wara had been in the US since the package had been sent.

– Setup

In March, PST charged Bertheussen for violating Article 225, b) of the Criminal Code, to do something that raises suspicion that a criminal offense was committed without him. The charge relates to a fire that occurred in a family car until Sunday, March 10th. The car was parked in a family house in Oslo.

The fire goes back to mentioning the case as a trap directed to Bertheussen.

– The recognition in Dagbladet does not change the case, but strengthens the thesis that others stand behind it. Whoever Dagbladet's advice is, he only knows Dagbladet, but you have published details indicating that the sender is familiar with the case. And since it's not my client, it's positive for her. Who stands behind placement is the job of PST to discover, he says.

PST: – The collection did not weaken

It is the same investigative team – led by lawyer Thomas Blom – who investigates attacks and assassination attempts at the residence of the Wara / Bertheussen family, who now checks for the mysterious fingerprint, DNA and all other traces.

– The charge for the charge is not impaired. We are still working on technical tracks, "Trond Hugubakken, director of communications, told PST for Dagbladet last week.

Hugubakken did not want to comment on the mysterious packaging or e-mail acknowledgments Dagbladet received. PST does not want to comment on a statement from the world.

– We do not have any other comments except that the charges have not been violated, PST said in a comment to Dagbladet on Friday.

Code to door

John Christian Elden is Bertheussen's defense counsel. In the past two weeks, Dagbladet has been in contact with the person (s) who sent the PST package with new information in the case. By e-mail, the sender confirms that it is behind the criminal offenses for which Bertheussen is charged and suspected of.

The person who sent the new information to the PST – and confessed to Dagbladet's crimes – also claims to have eavesdropped on the home of Wara / Bertheussen's spouse. In Dagbladet e-mails, the sender states, among other things, at the front door as "proof" for it. The sender also says that they almost took peach when Wara woke up in the middle of the night.

World message to PST

On behalf of Dagbladet, three language experts, all with different entrance gates on the topic, examined parts of the mysterious Wara recognition that Dagbladet had previously mentioned.

– This is not the right thing. The sender of this confession is going too far to appear as completely hopeless in Norwegian. There are many things in the text that are linguistically complete over control. The text has not been interrupted, the judgment of the linguist Sylfest Lomheim.

On Twitter, Elden wrote that the person behind the confession was "sophisticated Norwegians". The defense counsel further says that he does not know who this person is, but that PST should soon find out the case.

– Use the word "setup". Does Bertheussen have some theories about who could supposedly be trapped in a trap?

– Her theories are no better than your theory. More importantly, PST finds the right answer and is not characterized by tunnel vision, Elden replies.

Bertheussen is also suspected of several other criminal offenses – dismantling, vandalism and attempted burning of cars and the house of Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara, as well as threats to the minister.

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