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– This is a classic PR project – Culture and Entertainment of the People's Republic of China

"Now that this debate has come, you capture participants and management programs in your own hands," says Kjell Terje Ringdal.

She works as a professor at the University of Kristiania for the first time, teaching rhetoric, social influence and public relations.

On Tuesday, it became known that the participant "Ex on the Beach" Henrik Elvejord Borg seriously criticized the reality program in his new book.

Ringdal thinks everything looks like tracking PR.

"This is a classic PR project from the beginning to the end," said a PR expert.

You think the media bite bait

In the book "Text on the Beach", Borg criticizes the program for not revealing his bipolar disorder.

He also believes that the tests before the shooting were bad, saying that people who should protect themselves from sending in a villa in Mauritius.

This was recorded by the 24-year-old in the diary he wrote during his stay.

Henrik Elvejord Borg

CRITICAL: In his new book, "Text on the Beach," Henrik Elvejord Borg criticizes the program because he did not care carefully about the participants.

Photo: Cake publisher

Discovery tells the PRC that it has been decided in advance that Borg should write about the experience during his stay, but that they do not recognize Borg's claims.

Ringdal compared it with pity, where all parties understand what they will do to get the desired effect.

He also emphasizes that he does not comment on the moral question, but on the structure.

"Everything started with an idea for a program that will bring together participants who participate in a media drive, which will in turn bring awareness. Both participants and the company think it's nice to have even more attention, he says.

Ex on the beach Norway, season 1

EX ON THE BEACH: It was a great success for the entertainment program Ex on the Beach, which was on television and pour this autumn. From left: Rikke Isaksen, Henrik Elwaydor Borg, Melina Johnson, Daniel Aakre Pedersen, Malin Håvardsdotter Jensen, Adrian Sellevoll, Cecilie Andrea Røising and Lloyd Lawrence Lorenz.

Photo: Toke Mathias Riskjær / TV Norway

Long program additions and participant comments were in the media since the summer. Ringdal believes that the media in this case bite bait.

"Everyone bites the bait and can later gather around the fish and enjoy the catch," he says.

Do they mean giggles

Discovery Director Hanne McBride does not reject future cooperation with Borg.

"We have a good tone, so we do not exclude it. We are happy with it and it's great on television," McBride told the NRK.

Asking what Ringdal thinks that co-operation should take place, says the circuit will be closed.

Hanne McBride

DO NOT DISCONNECT COOPERATION: Discovery director Hanne McBride says they think Borg is super on television and does not discard future cooperation.

Photo: Anita Arntzen / Anita Arntzen

– Then I laugh out loud. Everything is accomplished, where the media logic is fulfilled. I almost want to say "good job" because there are many who are good at managing PR and media, "says Ringdal.

He also emphasizes that, although this should not be the cooperation between Borg and Discovery, both sides will still be satisfied with the situation.

– Both sides are probably pleased – and also a criticized party. I think it's a little spinning and that criticism is really looking for. They only have more attention to the program, "says Ringdal.

McBride tells the PRC that Borg's project is a book itself.

– Is that a fool?

"Ringdal's conspiracy theory is creative and pleasant, but it also gives us more credit than we deserve." PR work for the book is what Henry is in favor of, and it is natural to comment on any criticism that appears in the media, McBride said, to wish him good luck with selling books.

On the beach

DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY: Borg believes that the participants were not informed about what they went through in the program.

Photo: TVNorge

The meaning of Brug's entry is childish

Psychologist John Petter Fagerhaug previously worked with participants in a series of realities.

He describes Borg's claims about a little psychological monitoring as "complained" and "childish."

"Real-life participants today need to know what they are reporting, so expecting more psychological help and monitoring than what you get is a bit childish. They should take responsibility even for the choice they made," he says.

He believes it is more important before, when the reality of TV is something new, in order to improve the participants on the basis of which they were part.

"It is now common for participants to be aware of the assumptions," says Fagerhaug.

Even Borg says he will only warn the participants in the future.

"I did not really expect the psychologist to say that, but I just wanted to play the ball and make a debate about the topic," he said.

"When you see the results of the program, I think that few of those who signed up for the program knew what to go," he continues, seeking fierce parties and drinking culture during their stay.

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