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Top Gear-Hammond is risking his life again

Here it is!

They have already made two Grand Tour sessions since they left Top Gear and the BBC. Now Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are ready for the season three of their new project.

And it does not look like they were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Now they just sent the first trailer with the taste of what we have to wait. It's not a bit!

Among the main themes: A very creasky ride across a wooden bridge in Colombia. Under Richard Hammond and his pick: Real Jude!

Clarkson to Sweden

Hammond had a good chance before, some of whom were admitted to the hospital. Like the Grand Tour itself, he says: Here he still risks one of his nine lives!

Then we can count on a good dose of good old-fashioned movie tricks, all of which is probably not quite what's appearing here. But good fun knows this gang!

Otherwise, Treklover is not just a tour of Colombia. This season goes through huge straw in Detroit and Nevada. Jeremy Clarkson is going to Sweden to try out snow challenges – while James May will play the hunt in Scotland.

Here we visit Top Gear in England

Here are some things we'll see in the coming season. There is almost no conversation about any traditional safari … Photo: Amazon Prime.

Big budget

They also go to Mongolia, China, and Stansted Airport north of London. While the other parts of the series were shot in a gigantic studio recording, obviously in Jeremy Clarks's garden!

As usual, the gang had a budget that corresponds to a gross national product that is available to a relatively large and prosperous country. Here's nothing to be honest with. The third season's premier is on January 18, and the series will reach spectators in over 200 countries around the world.

Give all the taste tastes at the top of this case.

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