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A two-screen mobile phone, the Nubian Mobile Revolutionary for the sector The Commerce | Technology and Science | Mobile phones

In order for the mobile screen to capture the entire front of the computer without any known apple, the Chinese company Nubia introduced its phone Nubia X, which will begin to commercialize China from next month.

This mobile device eliminates the front camera and all the sensors in that panel, leaving only a little LED light for notifications. The incredible thing is that another 5.1-inch screen adds and HD resolution on the back, where there is a dual camera.

This system allows the 6.26-inch FHD + screen to focus on the environment. In addition, Nubia works very well with excellence, It serves to make selfies with the main camera, that is, the only one that provides much better quality than usual in self-portraits.

Similarly, it has a system eye protection that, without the use of liquid ink like the Russian Yotaphone, it allows the use of another screen, which consumes fewer batteries. When eye protection is maximized, it is displayed in black and white.

Both screens are fully functional and switching from one to the other, it's easy because you tighten the fingerprint sensors on each side of the mobile device. The Chinese brand also managed to ensure that the presence of the secondary panel is not noticeable when it is not used, although the body is made of blue glass.

The other screen is OLED, not LCD, so that the pixels do not emit any light when deactivated. As if this is not enough, Nubia turns the rear screens in a video game command.


The features of the Nubia X are typical of a high quality mobile device.

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

RAM memory: 6 or 8 GB

Storage: Up to 256 GB of internal memory

Battery: 3.800 mAh.

It also has a fast QC 4.0.

There is no possibility of optical zoom in a dual camera, as both lenses have the same focal length.

► Cams and sensors

The main camera has 16 megapixels with 1.8 f. The secondary lens is used to capture additional information to improve the portrait mode, and is paired with a second 24-megapixel sensor.

However, the device does not have an optical stabilizer for shooting images in low light conditions.

If it's possible to watch videos on both screens, although the one without frames offers the best experience.


The most basic version in China costs about 3,299 yuan ($ 475), and the most advanced amount is 4,199 yuan ($ 600).

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