Tuesday , August 3 2021

Boca Juniors vs. River Plate: Martin Palermo wishes the best team for Guillermo Shelotto Cup of Libertadores

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Boca Juniors is close to winning a new one Copa Libertadores. It will be possible if he is victorious in his eternal rival, the river bank, at El Monumental. It is a difficult task but waiting. Return match, deciding game, Saturday, November 24, at 15:00 (Peruvian time). The authoritative voice of the "FoxSports Chile" was made by Martin Palermo.

"For a player who lives at that time, he can give him a lot Mouth. The only thing in El-Monumental is to get the Libertadores of Cyprus. It was a glory here, "said Martin Palermo, former Boca Junior's former player and Copa Libertadores winner," Blue and Gold ".

"Funny" found that he was playing at home and that he had a quiet feeling with his family and a small group of friends. It sounds like a final whistle: "I watch it at home and wish the best of Boca's fans, GuillermoHe explained that he would "Boca Juniors" win and to win Copa Libertadores I would fill her with joy.

Finally, he was offered a story about the attackers of "Boca Juniors" who knew him well: "For any defense Benedetto o Vanchop This is a question. They are different from the moment they go. They are different from my life. Benedetto is powerful and can play or participate. He has come a lot more than me. Vanchop is much more powerful than others. And it is possible to earn points.

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