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Christmas baskets were purchased with cancer and TB money | Society

Patients with cancer and TB – HIV / AIDS are part of the Ministry of Health's most vulnerable population. However, Lambayeque Regional Hospital was assigned more than a million suns of these 2018 Christmas basket shopping programs.

This was revealed by the Comptroller General of the Republic in a compliance audit, proving that electronic consumer cards were purchased for doctors and servers, which created economic damage to the hospital, as the costs incurred were not framed for the purpose of having an institutional budget, budget programs, and also its goals, transgressing Contract law.

You can see Lambayeque: A million sole was used to buy Christmas baskets

In this way, budget programs that have been impacted are: cancer prevention and control, TB-HIV / AIDS, maternal and neonatal health, metaxenic diseases and zoonoses (aimed at reducing the incidence of diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, rabies, malaria between other) as well as non-communicable diseases and mental health prevention.

He even informed that the Planning Office, the Budget Area and the Office of Administration conducted the selection process for the purchase of consumer cards without the consent of the coordinators of the affected budget programs.

It should be noted that cases of cancer patients have repeatedly reported deficiencies, which impairs their treatment.


The controlling authority warned of the alleged responsibilities on the three servers. In the case of the head of the budget, Carla Cecilia Chafloque Farfán, approved the approval of the budget credit, thus damaging the fulfillment of the objectives of the budget programs and central actions.

It was also noted that Carolina Ramos Delgado issued the certificate budget availability more than a million soles, which began the selection process. While Consuelo Perales Mesta, in his capacity as head of the Office of Administration, signed an order to purchase electronic cards.

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