Thursday , April 22 2021

Election Progress | Carlos Bruce on resignation from PpK: "I made the decision on July 28."

Congressman Carlos Bruce said on Saturday that he made the decision on July 28 to quit Peruvian Bench near Kambia (PpK). This after the announcement of President Martin Vizcarr constitutional reforms to advance elections by 2020 through a referendum.

In Saturday accessBruce said it was "terrible that the country" did not meet the constitutional deadlines of the presidential and congressional periods. In this regard, Martin Vizcarr was questioned by the parliamentary that he had assumed the presidency of the Republic if he considered that these conditions should not apply.

"I made the decision on July 28th when I see a president (Martín Vizcarra) saying that elections must be advanced, so the Constitution must be modified, "the legislator said.

Carlos Bruce revealed that the decision to split from the ruling party was communicated to "several Congressmen" by the PpK. They recommended that you wait a few weeks until you sought a dialogue with the Head of State. However, as he says, his colleagues' efforts "failed."

"We have seen during this period the gestures of displacement towards the first vice president … leaving her, not saying goodbye on July 28, who was not informed of the things to be announced, that the President of the Republic would begin to touch on the issue of Baguaz, a sort of aggression against the vice president. can you continue? It was obvious that there was executive hostility from the Executive towards his congressman "he said.

A bank in danger?

Carlos Bruce said yes The head of state is not interested in the official bench So he rules without him. In addition, the congressman said the cabinet also did not participate in the discussions and was briefed on things the president would do.

"What do we have right now? the president rules with two or three people, this is very dangerous. The bench was unaware of the proposal (ahead of the election), the first vice president (Mercedes Aráoz) was clear in the pictures, everyone stopped clapping around and she sat down because she was not informed – he said.

The official expansion warned that The PpK bench can disappear at any time and dismissed statements by Cabinet chief Salvador del Solar about his attempt to plot against the government.

"The Prime Minister spoke badly about Jesenia Ponce, upset her resignation today, the bench disappears today (…) so I suggest the Prime Minister apologize to Jesenia Poncand because he's running out of bench right now, "he said.

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