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Epic Store: Games leave "Epic Mega Sale"


By Braulio Ramirez Jara 05-17-19

Epic Store recently decided to launch the world of first offer, called "Epic Mega Sale", which brought us great discounts to different titles. But recently, two titles that had a big discount just disappeared from the list of bids, Epic Store, which decided to abandon offers made by Epic.

Paradox studio, the programmers of the long-awaited Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines 2, was available in Epic Mega Sale in a short time, as the studio decided to drop its game out of the offer. The second title that left the promotion is Oxygen Not Included, a page that is not currently available.

"If the developer or publisher decides not to take part in our sale, we will comply with those decisions." Paradox Interactive decided not to participate in Epic Mega Sale and the game was temporarily removed from the sale, if you bought Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 In the period when the discount was applied at the time of departure, Epic will pay this price, "said Epic Games spokeswoman Kotaku.

Epic Games Store

With these words we know that we have at least one backup from Epic Store, because if they do not give us a discount on the game, the money will be returned to each customer's pocket. In the meantime, the offer from Epic is still valid, so you can not miss out on any offer from the store.


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