Thursday , June 24 2021

Exchange rate opens downwards due to offer of AFP dollars | Economy | Marketi

The course it amortized on Wednesday, after three consecutive sessions on the rise.

The fall was due to the offer in dollars AFP for payment of obligations, despite the progress of the US currency against the basket of currencies at the international level.

At 10:29 in the morning on the interbank market, dollar lost 0.09% to S / 3,379, versus S / 3,382 at the end of Tuesday.

The operators kept the expectation of saying that he was the president Federal Reserve United States, Jerome Powell, to get signals of upcoming price rises. In the meantime, the dollar index rose 0.10%.

In a parallel market, dollar quoted at S / 3.365 (purchase) and S / 3.385 (sales).

In city banks, buying dollars worked between S / 3,128 and S / 3,275 in the morning. While in the case of sales, it was between S / 3268 and S / 3.487.

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