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Facebook: Florinda Meza remembered "Chespirito", 4 years after his death VIDEO | PHOTOS | Mexico The Commerce | TV | Television

Florinda Meza dedicated, via Twitter, a significant message Roberto Gómez Bolaños, & # 39;Chespirito, On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the death of a Mexican comedian. In addition, he gave an interview for the "Sale el sol" program, whose video is available Facebook, where he gave details of how he lives after the departure of his former partner.

"I remember every day and I talk to him every day and I miss him daily, I have him on the walls of my room, there and there, it has always been since he was alive," he discovered. Florinda Meza in said video broadcast Facebook.

The Mexican actress and producer also said she managed to overcome the loss Roberto Gómez Bolaños during this time.

"Now I am much better than before, I did not think I would survive Robert for over a year," Mez says.

"Every day I tell him I love him, always more than yesterday, I remember and respect his memory in many ways, every day I do it," he added, who gave life to "Doña Florinda".

As you recall, on November 28, 2014, the world of television suffered a major loss: the actor and director Roberto Gómez Bolaños He died at age 85 in Cancun, Mexico, due to respiratory complications.

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