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In Barcelona, ​​angered by Neymar's novel: "Already tired" – 08/17/2019

Chilean Aduriz took down weak and opaque Barcelona. The Athletic Club hit him with a first date in La Liga (1-0) and forced Ernesto Valverde’s team to make some decisions. First: get rid of a very high ticket like Coutinho, which was announced as a new Bayern Munich boost (payday loan and purchase opportunity). Second: involve Rakitic and Dembélé in as many negotiations as possible, which will be actors this season, a role well below the salary they receive. And third: go full load from Neymar.


If Valverde's tactical idea does not change, the Brazilian presence is essential. What is Barcelona playing for? Light candles inspired by their individualities. That's why Griezmann arrived and that's why Neymar will arrive: dynamite in attack; tie wires and resist downwards. He's not that tiki-tiki from Guardiola.

In this context, the Neymar case awakens love and hatred. The Catalan press used a press conference at San Mamés Stadium to ask the protagonists what they think of Ney's novel. And who took the floor was Jordi Alba. "Already tired. You have to wait until the market closes and I have nothing more to say. I think he's a great player, who has done his best here, but it was a decision to leave and his return is already a decision of the club. If you must come, thrilled. but we will wait until the end of the market. "


It should be noted that this Saturday Thomas Tuchel confirmed that & # 39; 10 & # 39; PSG by the second date of Ligue 1 will not enter the match call against Rennes. "The market will close next month. Nothing changes today." He is my player. When I think of a strong team, it's with him. There are currently no solutions to his departure from the club. Nothing has changed. Our relationship is the same if there is no solution where it stays. He has a three-year contract, "the technical director of the Paris club told a news conference.

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