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Melgar vs. Sport Boys LIVE LIVE | VIA GOLPERU | SEE for Date 14 of the League Match 1 Movistar 2019 | Photo 1 of 4 | Peruvian Soccer

Melgar opposite Sport Boys They measured the forces at the UNSA Monumental Stadium in Arequipa. & # 39; Domino & # 39; The head split points with roses, after having pulled 1-1 from the 14th day Opening of the tournament of the League 1.

Jonathan Medina, goalkeeper Sport Boys, he had an extraordinary performance in front Melgar. However, the output error was costly by the dime. Luis Peralta i Dahwling Leudo They were the authors of the goals.

Duel between Melgar vs. Sport Boys He lost it. Nicolás Freitas left the field after 21 minutes because of a nasty blow to the shots. But his absence in the second half did not change the landscape of the game, as the team dominated the game.

Melgar vs. Sport Boys LIVE: 1-1 draw in Arequipa for the League 1 | VIDEO

See the summary of the match between Melgar and Melgar Sport Boys for the Apertura 14 Apertura tournament in Arequipa. (Video: GOLPER)

With this result, Melgar He added 17 points to the table. While Sport Boys accumulated 10 units. However, the port team still remains in the last position League 1 up to three dates of culmination Opening of the tournament.

The next day, Melgar will visit Sporting Cristal until date 15 Opening of the tournament Saturday, May 25th. But first it has to face the Catholic University of Copa Sudamericana. Sport Boys, on the other hand, will receive Alianza Universidad next Saturday.

Melgar vs. Sport Boys: This is how they sorted out

Melgar : Angelo Campos, Giancarlo Carmona, Luis Iberico, Christian Campos, Alec Deneumostier, Dahwling Leudo, Alexi Gomez, Nicolas Freitas, Hideyoshi Arakaki, Carlos Neyra, Alexis Arias.

Sport Boys
: Jonathan Medina, Paolo de la Haza, Josue Rodriguez, Marcos Ortiz, Manuel Tejada, Matias Sproat, Jean Tragodara, Carlo Urquiaga, Jesus Chavez, Piero Ratto, Luis Peralta.


& # 39; Domino & # 39; receives a 'rocket' with the obligation to win at home not to ignore their participation in the local event, before fully focusing on their next international challenge. Follow minute by minute, statistics and goal goals.

Jorge Pautasso, strateg from Melgar, will make the final general test of his team before visiting Arequipeñosa to the Catholic University of Ecuador for Copa Sudamericana.

The duty in Quito for the second phase of the continental competition, scheduled for the afternoon of the following Tuesday, concentrates all the attention of the Argentine technician, who will present variants against chalacos. However, the Mystery Box march eleventh in Aperture with 16 units and needs to take advantage of its location to revive in a domestic plane.

Sport Boys, Colero with nine points, looking to get out of the bottom with his third win in the season, after tying three games without defeat with t Manuel Fernández on the bench.

Melgar vs. Sport Boys: possible alignment

Melgar Carlos Cáceda, Jhon Narváez, David Villalba, Dhawlin Leudo, Nikola Sanchez, Carlos Neyra, Ángel Romero, Leonardo Mifflin, Johnny Vidales, Joel Sanchez and Bernardo Cuesta.

Sport Boys: Jonathan Medina, Paolo de la Haza, John Mondragon, Marcos Ortiz, Pedro Garcia, Matias Sproat, Jean Tragodara, Piero Ratto, Jesus Chavez, Junior Ross, Luis Peralta.

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