Thursday , February 25 2021

A man from Edmonton who did not discover that HIV was charged with a serious sexual assault

EDMONTON – Edmonton man accused of not telling a sexual partner that he has a virus that can cause an AIDS, is charged with a severe sexual assault.

Police in Edmonton say the 57-year-old man complained that he had agreed sex with the suspect and had signed an HIV contract.

The man says that their two encounters occurred in late 2016 and that the suspect did not share his HIV status.

Police say the suspects are thought to have high viral load on HIV and that they have not sought treatment for several years.

Detectives say there may be other people who were not familiar with the history of the patients.

Investigators say that people who had sex with Anthony Lee Taylor, aged 28 and who were not familiar with their medical history, should see a doctor and contact the police. (CTV Edmonton)

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