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Google clearly says that nobody should ever buy Pixel at launch

Google's Pixel phones are far from perfection, but they are getting better every year. Despite the various defects, they remain some of our favorite phones in the market. However, with Pixel 3, Google made it clear almost nobody you should ever buy one of your phones on the launch.

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Hardware and software problems are mostly fixed over time

It would not be a pixel launch without a few different hardware and software problems that would become apparent. This happened on every Pixel phone, but we saw them with a surprising number with Pixel 3.

From problem cameras to billing issues, Google has a long list of errors that will be corrected in future fixes. Fortunately, many of the problems that users are launching already exist. However, this means that those who buy the phone later (probably) will never meet them. Instead, only those who bought the device in the first few months will find themselves in these big problems.

The same can be said for most devices, but with Pixel, it seems to be a current phenomenon. Google's Quality Control misses things that you just do not need to pass through testing. This is a serious embarrassment.

Another point, probably even worse, is that if you've quickly broken your pixel after you've bought it, you're quite happy. Like ours Kyle Bradshaw find it harder, Google and its partners are essentially helpless to help determine the broken pixel in the first few weeks of the launch.

Pixel 3 discounts and promotions were the shots in the face to everyone who bought it earlier

However, beyond bugs and problems, the real reason why no one should ever buy Pixel on the launch is promotion. It is not uncommon for carriers and even companies to offer discounts in some way for different reasons to new hardware. However, with Pixel 3, Google made things to a new level, and it really felt like a blow to the face of everyone who bought it on the first day.

Even the entire month after Pixel 3 began shipping to customers, the sale of Google Black Friday lasted up to $ 200 at the price of the unlocked device. Furthermore, BOGO discounts have taken up to $ 450 more than the cost of multiple pixels in one order. Verizon and Best Buy discounts also took up to $ 400 compared to the price of this brand new device.

Now, just a few days after that sale, Google offers another big pixel promotion. Within 24 hours, anyone applying for Google Fi and buying a device through Google, including Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, offers travel credits. Up to $ 999, Google will match the cost of your new gift card phone for different travel locations. It's not the perfect offer for everyone, but it's a serious awesome promotion.

My point with this is not only that Google has largely loosened these phones – they all do it. Anyone who bought Pixel 3 on the launch also knew to some extent that these phones would also be discounted. However, discounts this year were far more difficult than the previous year. For example, in 2017, Pixel 2 released in the same timeline as the Pixel 3 video was only $ 100 store credit and Free Home Mini on Black Friday. That's a far wages from a discount of up to $ 200 for the unlocked device. *

Why would anyone be an early adopter?

Each phone will have a set of early users. These people can have various reasons. For some, it may simply be easy to try to get the latest phone as soon as possible. For others, it's just exciting to get this new product – consider the iPhone lines on the launch date. A somewhat limited set of early adopters includes those, as well as myself and the rest of the 9to5Google team that previously buy these phones for our business.

Google, like every company, knows that a lot of people fit into this group, and actually helps them get an idea of ​​how popular a new device will be. Also, these users, usually large fans who pay great attention, can report problems that quality control could miss.

The problem is that with Pixel 3 promotions and discounts that Google has done this year, the company gives users a clear message – Stop buying phones before. Of course, you may feel good if you get that new phone before someone else, but I'm ready to bet that for the vast majority of users this feeling is not worth a hundred dollars.

Next year I will wait to buy my Pixel 4, and I would suggest that you do the same.

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