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Melody Cac won the 77th straight victory as the predominant NU cruise

Lady Bulldogs National University, which looks down on the bottom of the league, broke into the Golden Horse National Anthem at Keson City on Tuesday morning, 97-41, and the University of the Philippine Lady Marathon.

"I have to give them time. I have six new ones. Five fishermen and one recipient, said head coach of Lady Bulldog Patrick Aquin. He played fifth place, playing Melody Cac, Princess Fabruada, Jeeuel Bartolo, Tsitsi Kanuto and Mayu Goto.

However, only Cac used the opportunity. Up to 1.9 points, Chiang Sai College score scored 17 points out of 10 in 10 points.

"I still do not have the potential yet, but I hope to be able to make sure that we have a lot of games to play, and why in NU, Aquino added.

However, it was a combination of Rhena Itesi and Jack Anamam's twin towers, which led to the beginning of the second quarter. "Animam" and "Itesi" were 32 points in the second quarter with a score of 13 points.

In the second half, dombra Holly Bulldogs scored 56 points, as Cache still has a deadline for the game.

Enimi showed 10 points, eight flex and two swings, with 15 points and 12 flexibility.

Ria Nabidan has 13 points, six flexible and four dice.

It will be the 77th tournament of the NU and will be the fifth live broadcast.

If none of the negative Aquino fails to get into the game, their horror has been shot by 20 out of 36 in their front line.

"I can not find out how hard the free throws are. The twenty-one missed the word " he saved. "But I lend them a second time, because they returned to defense and played defense."

UP, lost to the 29th tournament, was ruled by 11 points from Lu Mordovese.

NU completed a qualifying tournament with 78 winners during the November 16 FEU meeting with Lady Tamaraws in the Filoil Flying V center. UP, on the other hand, hopes to shoot her skipper when she goes to Wey Lake Warrior that day.


NU (97) – Cac 17, Animam 15, Nabalan 13, Itesi 10, Fabruada 6, Bartolo 6, Pingol 6, Cacho 5, County 4, Canuto 3, Camelo 3, Ceno 3, Layug 3, Del Carmen 2, Goto 1

UP (41) – Ordoveza 11, Ferrer 8, Cruz 7, Gonzales 4, Rodas 3, Bascon 3, Medina 2, Rivera 2, Larrosa 1, Amar 0, Moa 0, Hidalgo 0, De Leon 0, Lebico 0, Ordoveza C., 0

Quarterscores: 13-18, 45-25, 74-35, 97-41

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