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Morato lives and lives in Chelsea

LONDON – A month ago, Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata was playing in a frivolous look and did not feel self-confident.

The attacker Eden Hazard and Willand and Pedro are the former attackers of the Olivier Girud front, and there is no doubt that this is the beginning of the attack.

Chelsea will shoot down Morathan's transfer window in January, despite Premier League Premier League attacks.

Over the past four weeks, transformation has been outstanding.

Morat scored four goals in four league games on Sunday and was sharp, busy and open, with one more than 23 games scored two goals in Chelsea's 3-1 win at Crystal Palace.

"I am very happy for Alvaro," said Chelsea manager Morizzo Saber. "Last month, he improved in faith and personality, improved tactically and technically."

Sarri thinks that Morato finally succeeded in giving Chelsea 18 million pounds a year to push the club's record money to 60 million pounds ($ 78 million) to move Real Madrid from an Italian striker.

"He may be potential (striker)," said Saber. "It has a great physical and technically high potential, which can be greatly improved, and it will sometimes be a little delicate."

Also, she was pleased with the latest update from Morata. He was greatly offended when he attacked his team after a free attack by Belgium striker Morata on his second goal against the palace.

Morato finished three goals, but when he was going through the gate, he was unable to score the ball to the barn goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey.

"I could hack the hacker so it was not a great day," says Morata. "I want to improve and win the team, which is very difficult because the Premier League is the most competitive league in the world. If it is a bad time, restoration will take a long time, but now I'm fine.


Former Manchester City manager Mark Hughes knew that his Southampton team had a problem at the Etihad stadium, and two of the opposition's smallest players were attacked in an attacked area.

"David Silva and Reem Sterling will not be able to win this box when they have a win-win header," says Hughes after defeating Southampton City League City 6-1.

"In my opinion, I think:" Let's be more aggressive, more accurate in our defense game. " It was a concern for me because we talked a lot about what we were doing before the game, but our game plan too quickly went out of the window.

"The city asks for your various questions, they will hit your door, pick you up, come and put everything behind the ball and try to see it for 90 minutes, but I've beaten it all the time. «

Pep Guardiola 2 1/2 years ago as a manager, the city scored 12 goals and more. No team has reached more than six o'clock.

Sergio Aguero was the ninth player who scored 150 goals in the Premier League when he played against Southampton. He came 217 times and in 212 matches only Alan Scherer reached only a small game.

150 goals in the Premier League have been scored by Shier (260 goals), Wayne Rooney (208), Andy Cole (187), Frank Lampard (177), Thierry Henry (175), Robbie Foleyer (163), Jermain Defoe (162) Owen (150).


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