Wednesday , June 16 2021

Philippines: Blades of cases dramatically increase in 2018

Health officials of the UN and the Philippines advise parents to ensure that their children are immunized against smallpox because the number of cases of viral illness increased by more than 350 percent in 2018.

Picture / WHO Philippines Twitter screenshot
Picture / WHO Philippines Twitter screenshot

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), so far 17,298 cases have been reported. This is an increase of 367 percent compared to the same period last year (3,706).

"Missing younger children are at the highest risk of smallpox and its complications, including death. Will your children be vaccinated at the nearest health center," said the WHO Philippines on Facebook.

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Fat or rubeola is acute highly infectious viral disease which characterizes Koplik face in the face or language very early in the disease. A few days later, red blatchy rash first appears on the face, then it spreads and lasts 4-7 days. Other symptoms include fever, cough and red watery eyes. Patient It can be contagious four days before the rash look up to four days after feeding.

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The disease is more serious in infants and adults. Complications from smallpox reported in up to 20% of people infected turn on; attacks, pneumonia, deaf and i encephalitis.

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