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Agnieszka Radwaska ends his career. "You join it"

Kakper Sosnovski: Radwass can be together. "I have to abide by the laws. The third and fourth fingers are often inflamed. It can wake up at night with sleepless cascades, "says BPA.

Joanna Sacovitz: Anyone who engages in sports and skips it in their own terms knows how he or she is hurt. Let the doctors know how to get back to their careers by traumatic injury and how they work when they want to.

The lame is closed because its body does not obey and is a prominent athlete. Osigna so I can not miss it to describe it. They still play at a high level, so they belong to it.

Last months were severe, but 13 years have not resulted in serious injuries.

– Yes and no. They are capable of injury through their careers, and more happier athletes can be injured. He does not need to look far – about Anelis Kerber or Caroline Vonyaka, who is still playing in the other 30s. Recall that Radvas was wearing footwear and doni surgery eight years ago. Then, in fact, big blows, but the last seasons were destroyed. Moreover, it was the time to play at the highest level. After winning the WTA finals in Singapore, when it was in the midst of a rating, all health problems began to increase. At this level of tennis it is harmful. It did not have time to learn, because the peculiarity of the season is that it plays almost uninterruptedly.

Do you think 29 years is a duet or mao to stop your career?

– Seven years ago I will say the moment I start thinking about retirement from tennis. For such tennis players, such a radical decision is rare. The latter, Lucy Safarova, 31, blames the courts, but next year she will not miss the 32-year-old rockets. Based on modern standards, Agnieszya tennis early goes away. On the other hand, let's recall that he started playing at the age of 17. 13 years of adventure with high level of sport is not like Lei.

"I go to the tournament, but not from tennis," he wrote in his speech. Do you know what the old man does?

"Probably, it would be a project to help fashionable tennis skills, but I'll talk to them. Of course, sports will not disappear. When I meet him, believe me to talk about tennis for a few hours. The tennis player's unique approach to his passion, his love for him, and his love for him are not politeness. He is alive, he is interested in the matches he knows. he wants to see what's happening on the TV. It is difficult to imagine that he will be away from what he is doing in his life.

Are you talking about this solution? Подъттёа, what's next?

"I knew what was going on, but I still felt headache. For many years, we have been able to become a tennis player that can always be tracked on the biggest platforms, and now it's all over. I do not ask him again. I do not want to drink. It is worth noting that the Senior Officer is ready to go to training in the morning.

On Twitter, you wrote that both your descendants and the previous generation dreamed for success. The best moments of his career …?

– Certainly speaking of the Wimbledon final. I also want to be a winner in the WTA final in Singapore. Great moments. Now everyone knows, everyone knows.

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