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AMD Ryzen for notebooks is great equipment, but with poor support. Buyers are unhappy

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Piotr Urbaniak

When AMD introduced Rizen's mobile Rizon Vega processors to the market, it seemed that the time was gold. In the end, after the years of Intel's hegemony, it is a good alternative to the market for laptops, with competitive and, in some aspects (graphics), even higher performance. Only, as we know, the platform was built not only by hardware, but by software. In the meantime, the Internet is flooding a wave of complaints about the quality and distribution of drivers.

As it turned out, the latest drivers, either in Windows Update or on the manufacturer's website, were released in August 2018. In fact, they come from June, but they have changed the time stamp. And this is not the end, because the Radeon Software package has been released into operation for ten months ago, namely, in July 2017. As a result, there are several features that have been introduced later, such as Radeon ReLive and Radeon Overlay, and optimization for the latest games are quite desirable – there is virtually no correction.

In addition, the quality of drivers is criticized. Users mention, among other things, a faulty TDP limit, a dysfunctional DirectX 11 mode in VLC media player, problems with recognizing graphics cards in Adobe and Blender applications, changing resolution in selected DX11 games, flickering the screen with Dynamic Dynamic Setup function active, below the set border stopper (if used, Radeon Chill), as well as accidental blue death and resumes the screens.

Hiccups are called fragmentation

Interestingly, none of these problems are experienced by Rizen APU desktop computers, although they are based on exactly the same silicon structure, called Raven Ridge, included in the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition package and receive updates along with dedicated graphic cards regularly every month and on each major premieres in the game market. By nature, the community requires the same treatment of mobile systems.

Unfortunately, red and users of their equipment are more complex. The laptops with Ryzenami Mobile have got a lot of freedom in determining chip parameters, even energy borders, which are regulated at the level of controllers, and at the same time directly relate to the construction of computers. Bearing in mind problems such as the precise efficiency of the cooling system or battery capacity, the Sunnyvale company can now not generate generic packages. That's why you need to look for a different solution.

Unfortunately, it's not easy. As you know, laptops manufacturers have dozens of different models available, and some are even more. This does not contribute to concentration on a particular type. AMD issued a short statement saying it will intensify its collaboration with its partners so that each notebook with Ryzen gets two updates per year. Although not yet very impressive, it encourages some hope for improvement. Only, can you count on active co-operation, since the topic is now demolished, and the rifles still collect "red" and not any of the manufacturers?

Well, in my humble opinion – no. AMD, as a small company on the market, shot at the foot, believed too deeply for entities that were de facto independent. Dozens of devices have been released, which, as you can see, are quickly forgotten, and now the processor provider has been left with the problem of dissatisfied customers, without having too many fields to work. A horse with a number of people who finds it efficient and – what's important – a solution that can be implemented.

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