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Another Drama in America: "I Do not Always Love It Everyone Know What It's"

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Before the end of the third season, traveling is a great program Asia Express, renamed to this time American Express. there are three episodes. Only eight people will take part in the victory: Maciej Musiałowski from Anna Malisa. Alexander i Dawid Domańscy. Tomasz Carolak from Dzhakub urbański i Pamela Stephanovich from Mateusz Janusz. One of the couples on Wednesday's episode he got the imminent final and automatic advertisement.

Initially they had to come some of the amulets' victories up until nowthen to the coast. Each husband and wife needed to be guided. The most beneficial Domancei until they received no amuletbut they had the opportunity to hold others.

Cuban and Tomke's breast are most valuable "But David did it quickly Matthew was captured.

I still do not want to get sidetracked – The body is protesting. I just dressed in new clothes, I do not want to go into the sand with this sand.

Ania, but I immediately pour Márjij complained.

It is a pucco and digging it Anya gave her instructions. Hell, I will give it to you!

Did they dig up now? – She was interested in the sandy sand, without thinking it was completely motivated, and she was finally able to understand, as with Yakub, they reached the Domansky breast, and were left empty.

Yes, yes and there – tired Urbański.

It was a difficult situation, I smoke cigarettes "says Karolak in the previous episode she complained that she had abandoned drug abuse.

For himself and for Cuba, he succeeded in reaching a car, such as Fit Loversom, fired an ambulance he signaled them through the city. Thanks to this, they were the first to come to the control department. Domanski was so effective on the road The producers had to send a car after their departure to avoid the episode.

In addition, the rest of the married couple took part in the boat, read symbols on the edges and broke code.

I will not move here without eyes – said Urbański. I do not even know where the boat is …

Excuse me, can you arrange any glasses? he asked Agnieszka Wozniyak-Starak technical group. For our little ones, eg jars of the best banks …

Christ has traditionally decided to cut down the rules, running through deception and Macko replaced the voices.

I'll take you again! "Lamex finally frightened me.

Let's win!! "Ania Karolina was invited, in my opinion she suspects she has a weakness.

Looking at her, Usually he foams his face Tomas explained deliberately. They won our lossesbut few, we just wanted to bring our amulet, and we did it.

participants They spent the night in the wilderness.

I do not even remember sleeping in a desert, desert "Pamela confessed. Perhaps on the balcony … A tent was installed on the balcony …

Tomek, do you know anything about the star? she asked. I always dreamed that one child would spend the day talking to me …

I know everything about Polish stars … If they turn off the cameras, I'll show you the South Cross Carolak promises.

But I had a dream said Domanskaya the next morning I dreamed about it they had to participate in "dancing with the stars.". But that's right, you know, they threatened me with death …

Finally, when you see the north corner … Tomash Anya complains.

The next task was to end the desert, and the course was marked by Urbański.

The most important thing is that we do not go too far he asked. Water could be delivered, but some of them went out of the water …

Who is there? – Alexander was weak. Someone has let me down. Give me the right way, wait for people, what speed!

Ola he must really work – commented on Urbański's camera. One day he says that he is having some difficulty, and sometimes you may need to meet them … Anyway, there is nothing!

I expressed regret for her, Everything leaves him alone, including Deeid, who is emotional "explained Karolak, who decided to take care of Ola. I stopped by to find my own passion, it's a very personal thing.

It looks like a Tomásh Bear "said Pamela. Inside is a small mouse …

Upon reaching the motorway, Pamela and Matauch for the first time helped the local police to get their NASCO truck.

I am not like today "Pamela confessed. All girls understand what this means …

In addition, the Domanskans are still alive with Ola Traditionally, he spoke fake.

You have set me up, and you are Finally, David hurries.

At Nassa's airport, all couples were able to fly into airplanes, adapt to the images of animals and geometric shapes, and see them in the birds' perspective. Upon returning, they were required to specify the location of their own drawings on the maps. Of course, Karolak did not flirt.

I raised my hand to all the ladies – he obeyed the car. We still have 27 kilometers. We are coming and they must be there …
And Fit Loversi – Urbański was harsh.

And they go out. Immunity, Machu Picchu trip and the move to the final episode they defeated Pamela and Matthias.

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