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Commercial on Sundays. Will we have a purchase on Sunday, August 18th?

According to the Trade Restriction Act, as of March 2018, the ability to sell products in stores seven days a week has been significantly reduced in our country. However, while they shop twice a month last Sunday, this year's stores may only be open on the last Sunday of the month. It drops in August on August 25, so larger stores will close on August 18.

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Commercial on Sundays. Where to go shopping August 18?

We will shop at gas stations, shopping terminals located at train or bus stations (also in Lidlach and Biedronki) and at those where the owner will sell over the counter.

Shops offering postal services – for example, some books – will also open, as well as cafes, pharmacies, restaurants and gift shops.

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Sundays 2019 and 2020

It is also worth knowing that the commercial Sundays this year will drop on September 29, October 27, November 24, 15/12.
December 22nd, December 29th.

Since 2020, the Sunday and Greetings Restrictions Act has been introduced, and some other days it will introduce even greater restrictions and we will really be able to forget Sunday trading. Larger stores will only be open for 7 days from 52 weeks. It will be: January 26, April 5, April 26, June 28, August 30, December 13 and 20.

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