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High budget headlines die – says director of the first God of War •

Director of the first edition of Goda War and creator of the series Twisted Metal – David Jaffe – published in 2005, in which he claims that in the budget titles they are dying.

According to the designer, modern games from the largest pocket (ie the so-called AAA) do not develop. For example, he gave the Uncharted series, since the fourth part of the first one differs only in graphics.

The programmer emphasizes that the lack of innovation is not only the problem of Naughty Dog studio projects but the entire virtual entertainment industry. It explains that many creators in subsequent products prefer replication of verified solutions rather than experimenting.

At the same time, Jaffe appreciates technical design and performance, although he points out that due to the lack of news in the gameplay mechanisms, the game becomes repetitive. However, he is aware of the improvements that have been introduced in some areas over the years, including the story.

Interestingly, Internet users have decided that the title of a movie that points to the dying of high-budget positions is too strong and too overwhelming. After criticism, the designer decided to change the name of the image to refer to the reproducibility of production.

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