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Microsoft becomes the most valuable company in the world ::

Apple loses the title of the leader. Microsoft has just been recognized as the most valuable company in the world. The materials available on the web show that the Redmond giant is currently worth around $ 753 billion. The current price of the action ($ 172.2) of iPhone manufacturers means that the company's value is 746 billion "green".

Apple has long been considered the most expensive company in the world. Ba, this company, as the first in history, had a value of more than a trillion dollars. The Cupertino giant's shares then cost $ 231 per package. So what went wrong and why the manufacturer recorded such a big drop? Well, they're probably blaming the latest iPhones. Apple has always been known for its relatively high prices, but this year's premier smartphone company surprised even the biggest fans of products signed with the logo of bite apples. It turns out that the iPhone will cost … from $ 749 to $ 1449. The producer, of course, also again expressed greed. In the box with the most expensive iPhones, Xs and Xs Max do not have a quick charger, despite the fact that these models support the right technique and the fact that the most expensive is costing more than 7,000 PLN. The "cheap" iPhone Xr, as needed for equipment over 3000 PLN, does not even have a Full HD display.

Check how much older, high-end Huawei and Honor smartphones are (their price should now fall):

It's hard to say what the popularity of the latest Apple smartphones is, but it's probably lower than the expected manufacturer. From the material provided by the editors of the Softpedia website, it seems that the company has overestimated equipment, reduced production and reduced orders. Even the iPhone X has been restored to life. In short, milk is spilled, and Americans try to minimize possible losses as soon as possible. The only question is: will the manufacturer receive any lessons for the future? Personally, I say yes, but the answer to this question will be known only next year.

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