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November 28, 2018: Putin accuses Ukraine. Warsaw is at risk of paralysis

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin spoke for the first time about an incident in the Black Sea. The Russian president has accused the Ukrainian authorities of provocation. The meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin may have been the result of a crisis between Ukraine and Russia. These are the most important news from the world. In turn, among the most important information from Poland there was a message that the prosecutor filed a request for the temporary arrest of the former KNF chief, Marek Ch. Investigators may soon have more work because the VAT commission announced that it will notify the prosecution of the possible execution of the crimes by former Prime Minister Sławomir Nowak and former Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski. We also learned that Warsaw was "endangered by unstable paralysis" – at least to the Minister of Environment Henryk Kowalczyk.

There is a request for judicial custody – two months – the former head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Marek Ch. He heard an appeal alleging violation of the authority of the KNF President. As Prosecutor Tomasz Tadla said, he is afraid that the suspects will be paired. In addition, he faces a high sentence of 10 years in prison.

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The incident in the Black Sea was a "provocation" organized by the Ukrainian authorities in order to win the quotation of President Petr Poroshenko before the next presidential election next year and "calculated as an excuse" for the introduction of a combat law in Ukraine – said Russian President Vladimir Putin in a speech investment forum in Moscow.

He also noted that Ukrainian ships, later detained by Russian special forces, did not respond to questions from Russian border services and influenced the territorial waters of his country.


In connection with the events in the Azov Sea, Donald Trump did not rule out the abrogation of the meeting with Vladimir Putin, which was planned during the upcoming G20 summit in Buenos Aires. The US president said this in an interview with Washington Post.

"I condemn this aggression," he said.

The real dismissal of the meeting would be a powerful blow to Vladimir Putin. For now, however, in spite of Trump's statement, the Russian side stressed that preparations for the talks are ongoing.

"Preparations are in progress, the meeting is agreed," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

” alt=”Trump threatens to cancel the meeting with Putin, the Kremlin convinces: "Preparations are in progress"”/>

Donald Trump does not rule out the cancellation of a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, scheduled for the upcoming G20 summit in Buenos Aires. The US president said this in an interview with Washington Post. This is a reaction to recent events in the sea … read more

Minister of Environment Henryk Kowalczyk accuses the authorities of cessation of neglect. This is still an unsolved tender for the disposal of waste, and the current contracts end on January 1. "We are endangered by unstable paralysis, Warsaw may be the second Naples when it comes to waste collapse," warns the minister of environment. In turn, the city accuses the minister of closing down further installations to collect waste from the capital.


I think he acted alone, that he was a black sheep but he will remember everything after hearing him, "says Elżbieta Chojna-Duch in a morning interview with the FMF FM Deputy Minister of Finance, referring to the case of Marek Ch., Former head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The head of the KNF recommended him to the president of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapinski, who, according to Chojno-Duch, was definitely in shock (…) because he believed his protege. "

Robert Mazurek also launched the subject of the VAT Research Committee. Chojna-Duch, among other things, issued and this led to the creation of huge VAT gaps.

These are not just rules, but a whole series of events after that. Therefore, the application of laws, tax administration, tax controls, court practices, tax interpretations are too mild. This is not only a Polish but also a European law – explains Deputy Minister of Finance in the period 2007-2010.


On Wednesday, protesting taxi drivers left the Warsaw streets, who wanted to draw attention to the lack of provisions governing the transportation of people. They protested, because they are among drivers engaged in illegal transportation, among others, without driver's license and foreigners who do not have the right to reside in Poland, and people are employed without contract, black.

In the meantime, the Road Traffic Act on which it operates will not be as restrictive as the taxi drivers demanded – a reporter RMF FM found.

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There will be no regulations that will completely block the operation of cheap transport companies such as Uber in Poland. The law on road traffic, over which the government operates, will not be as restrictive as required by taxi drivers – said FMF FM reporter. read more

Despite the changes to the Law on the Supreme Court that meet the expectations of Brussels, the EC has not yet withdrawn its lawsuit from the EU Court of Justice; he also does not give up on proceedings under Article 7 – says justice commissioner Viera Jouroway.

<img src = "” alt=”The European Commission has no intention of withdrawing the appeal from the CJEU against Poland”/>

Despite the changes to the Law on the Supreme Court that meet the expectations of Brussels, the EC has not yet withdrawn its lawsuit from the EU Court of Justice; he also does not give up on proceedings under Article 7 – says justice commissioner Viera Jouroway. read more

The VAT Investigation Commission will inform the prosecution about a possible crime committed by former Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski and former Prime Minister Sławomir Nowak's Cabinet. This was announced by Chairman of the Commission, lawyer and lawyer Marcin Horał.

After the implicit meeting of the VAT Research Commission, Horal said that the commission decided to go to the prosecutor's office regarding the possibility of committing crimes by former Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski; This applies to four areas. The first of them is the authority of the minister – explains Horal.

On the other hand, the charge against Sławomir Nowak refers to the loss of public property.

<img src = "” alt=”There will be information about the public prosecutor's office about Rostov and Novak. It's VAT”/>

Artificial intelligence can be a major threat to humanity. Self-thinking machines can bring many threats. Especially when it comes to autonomous cars and the army – in a special interview with RMF FM and Interia says Steve Wozniak, one of the world's most renowned engineers and co-creator of the Apple concern.

I'm afraid we will rely too heavily on artificial intelligence and that trust in it will lead to a lot of misfortune. Let's take an example of autonomous cars. I doubt that cars will be fully driven by themselves. The first attempts have already caused many accidents and even led to death. I do not know if we will reach the point where this technology will become safe enough – asks Wozniak.

Artificial intelligence can not think. If so, the role of man could be changed. There would be a risk that a man would become a machine subordinate. But this is not possible in the following centuries. To do this, the machines had to have control over everything in the world, including their maintenance, which would mean pulling out and processing all the elements needed for their construction, as well as communication between many machines without human intervention. People should be in transport, in logistics. However, existing machines are not "natural" enough. I do not think that will happen – notes Apple's co-creator.

” alt=”Steve Wozniak, co-creator of Apple: I'm afraid we will rely too heavily on artificial intelligence”/>

Around January 12, a team of hymns from Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is about to appear in the K2 base – FMF journalist FM Michal Rodak said. Mountaineers will try the first winter climb to the last uncovered eight thousand tons at this time of the year. However, the Expedition Organizers admit they are struggling with financial problems. On Thursday, the first winter conqueror Nanga Parbat Alex Tikkon will reveal his plans for the winter. Bask has not yet confirmed the speculation that K2 will attack.

<img src = "” alt=”Russians prepare winter expedition K2. "We have financial problems, but we will still go"”/>

In the calendar of the meeting, I enlisted ministers for environmental protection from different countries – Minister of Environment, Henryk Kowalczyk, said in the afternoon interview with FMF FM on the question of whether he will meet with U2 – Bono leader at the Climate Change Summit in Katowice. I do not remember familiar figures, I meet with environmental ministers, which will be really a lot. We'll talk about climate protection – explained Kowalczyk.

We will not close the European Commission. We implement all EC recommendations. There is no contradiction here – said Kowalczyk on the issue of fighting global warming. Asked about the climate strategy published by the EC, he noted that "the Commission does not impose any method on anyone, but only an intentional goal".

<img src = "” alt=”Bono at the climate summit in Katowice? Minister of Environment: I do not come out with familiar faces”/>

Long-term prognosis for Poland. The next day, a drastic change of temperature awaits us. Initially, temperatures in the night will fall to -13 degrees Celsius. In turn, after the weekend, the temperature will increase significantly, thermometers will even mark +13 degrees.


Working more than 50 hours a week increases the risk of mental disorders. These are the results of the latest research by French scientists on professional hygiene and radclachism.

According to researchers from the French Foundation Pierre Deniker, the risk of mental disorders also increases irregular working hours, too much stress, mobbing, and dissatisfaction with trivial work tasks. The results of the survey indicate that women are less able to tolerate professional problems.

” alt=”Working more than 50 hours a week is damaging to the psyche!”/>

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