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Princess Kate cried before Megan's marriage. Her daughter-in-law provoked her?

Meghan Merkel entered the royal family in May this year. However, before she was standing on the carpet, she had to face serious tension between her and Prince William's wife. As reported by Dailymail, reputed reporter Camilla Tominey, the event was held a week before the wedding, when the bridal gown was added, and at the same time princess Charlotte. Kate moved her daughter's view into the unusual dress she was crying. According to the press, crying arose, as the Duchess did not regain the emotional balance after the birth of his son, Louis. However, these were not the only tears that day.

Kate was also supposed to talk to the young man, which clearly shifted the previous argument with Elzbieto II, who divided the wedding diamond. In such moods, Kate and Meghan went to the party, and then there was a serious dispute between them, after which William's wife got tired again. What went? This source does not issue. It is certain, however, that the event merely begged a bit of bitterness, since both gossip and informers from the royal environment emphasize that both ladies did not have too much sympathy from the moment they met.

Duchess, now under the microscope of the journalist, does not give us the knowledge that something is wrong. Immediately after the discovery of the scandal, Kate was asked about the pregnancy of Princess Sussex. She said she was excited and very happy. – He'll be a great cousin for George, Charlotte, and Louis. It will be really special – she stressed. Despite the fine words, it's hard to hide the unpleasant situation, especially since Meghan and Harry decided to move from the Kensington Palace. It is speculated that the reason is nothing but the mutual incompatibility of both women.

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