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Subsidies for solar panels will be enough for just 200,000 families – work


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Private electricity consumers should receive a subsidy of up to 50 percent. solar installation value, but not more than 5000 zł. You must hurry, because the budget of the government program "My electricity" is only a billion PLN.

Subsidies for solar panels will be sufficient for just 200,000 families / © 123RF / PICSEL

Almost all users of the program will use the maximum amount of subsidies, because "My electricity" will cover installations with capacity from 2 to 10 kW, and their current prices are 10-50 thousand. zl. However, very rarely Poles install less than 3 kW on their roofs (for about PLN 15,000), and relatively often 10 kW (PLN 50,000). They usually choose 4-6 kW installations (for PLN 20-30 thousand). In practice, government subsidies from My Power will only cover about 15-25 percent. the value of investing in solar panels, as long as the subsidy is not yet taxed, as was the case before.

– The disadvantage is that you cannot use any other financing program – says Magdalena Skłodowska, an expert at, in an interview with MarketNews24. – Will the subsidy be combined with the benefits of thermo-modernization, under which private investors can deduct from the income tax the costs of the solar system (up to PLN 53 thousand).

If the panels are installed for cash and we ignore the financial costs (small interest lost on a deposit on which we could deposit money), then the simple 5 kW solar payback period in this situation would be 10 years without tax and subsidy deduction, 8 years with with a tax deduction and 7 years with a deduction and a subsidy from the "My Current" program. If we take out an investment loan (it is not yet known whether it will be possible to use a preferential program under the Clean Air program), the payback period will increase. Similarly, the cost of installing insurance is worth considering, for example.

At the same time, today the installation can be purchased for about 5 thousand. A cheaper PLN, based on cheaper components, and a payback period, even with interest on credit and insurance, will be similar to the above calculations. You can also count on the fact that device prices will continue to decline (down 30% in the last 3 years).

However, potential investors will need to consider that the program has time and budget. One billion PLN is enough for 200,000 people, and many more are likely to be willing.

– The call for proposals should start at the level of August and September, ie. Just before the parliamentary elections – says Magdalena Skłodowska.

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