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Warsaw: Protests by taxi drivers. It will be difficult

Warsaw taxi driver "Warsaw taxi driver" Jarosław Iglikowski announced that the taxi drivers will gather on Wednesday in two places – at the parking lot in Torwar and at the National Stadium. – At 12 we are moving and passing through the Trg Trzech Krzyży Square under the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, because the leader of this ministry, Jadwiga Emilewicz, is voting vigorously against the effective fight against illegal carriers – said Iglikowski. "We'll show her I do not like what she does," he added.

The president of the taxi driver association also informed that the then drivers will go "to the center". At the same time, he announced that there would be "traffic problems". Iglikowski also stressed that the protest on Wednesday will be "the last warning". – We leave 12:00 so as not to interfere with people going to work, and to show that jokes are finished – if there are no more actions in the gray zone, in January, all Warsaw will stand in routine, – he announced.

Past protests by taxi drivers drove in mid-October, when many people gathered in the main streets of the northern graveyard in Ursin.

During the October protest, taxi drivers filed a petition with Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobr. They took part, among other things, about undertaking actions aimed at the immediate application of the applicable law, taking action from the prosecution for the criminal responsibility of persons who carry out illegal passenger transportation, as well as undertaking a legislative initiative that would liquidate the gray zone in road traffic.

Taxis assessed in a petition that the current situation results in different types of hazards for transport service users, the lack of adequate financial inflows into the state budget and local self-government, including tax and social security contributions. According to the authors of the petition for these claims, the state loses about 738 million PLN a year. They claim that legal entities, taxis also bear financial losses.

The petition states that among drivers involved in illegal transportation of people without driver's license and foreigners who are not eligible to reside in Poland, and people are employed without contract, black.

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