Thursday , February 25 2021

Corticeira proposes dismissal of workers who have filed an appeal for harassment – Portugal

Cortièreira Santa Maria da Feira, charged with 31,000 euros by the Labor Act (ACT) for the moral harassment of a female employee who was returned in court, the union said on Wednesday.

This measure comes after Monday's union of workers Cortecaros do Norte (SOCN) discovered that Fernando Cortiças SA had charged 31,000 euros with ACT after one of several inspections in connection with the situation of Cristina Marques – who, according to this structure of the unions , be "punished" with "unproductive work", "humiliating" and "psychological torture" after the court forces the company to reintegrate into the cadres.

Now, SOCN reports: "On the same day, the employee returned to the usual" penalty "- loading and unloading the same bag from the same pallets for nine hours – and not satisfied, the employer announced on Wednesday that the employee is suspended preventively for organizing disciplinary procedures aimed at laying off the real reason.

For the Union, this means that since the initial "dismissal due to termination of employment – which the court deemed to be unlawful – there has now been a dismissal with just cause through disciplinary measures."

Contact Lusa, the administration of Fernando Couto has clarified the situation with lawyer Nuno Cáceres, who emphasizes that only this Wednesday took over responsibility for the process, but explains that the elimination of workers is the goal of allowing "to conduct a survey of a series of fabricated facts that it publicly announces ".

There is no time frame for completing this disciplinary procedure, but as "employees will continue to be paid while suspended," the lawyer acknowledges that it is in the company's interest "to finish the question as soon as possible."

Nuno Cáceres's expectation is that "a series of lies disassembles a worker who is expanding and detrimental to the working environment and company's reputation – which until now, certainly, did not know how to defend themselves and now decided it was time to adopt another position, even to be able to appeal to the appropriate fine of the ACT fine ".

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