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Health cutting: São Paulo records the first autochthonous case of measles

In the last days, the São Paulo Municipal Department of Health confirmed the first indigenous case (when a person is contaminated in the city in which he lives) the measles in the capital.

The victim was a resident of Villa Mariane, a 32-year-old teacher. The man was admitted to the Oswaldo Cruz Hospital, but was fired. Seven other cases were confirmed in the capital and 92 cases were under investigation.

Spores are one of the most common diseases in poor countries. Vaccination campaigns in Brazil are already over 25 years old. The vaccine is effective and inexpensive.

It is important to remember that in 2016 the American continent was given a certificate from the Pan American Health Organization that it was free of measles.

It turned out that after the coup, but especially with the approval of PEC 55 (freezing public service costs), health was greatly disturbed. These diseases that do not appear for years return with the impoverishment of the population, that is, the complete neglect of the poorest, because no matter what the needs of the population, they will not receive more funds from the federal government. All this is the result of a shock policy (Temer, Alckmin, Doria, Covas, Bolsonaro and many others).

Since April 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of an increase in cases of measles in the country, mainly in the north. Nevertheless, the state has not done anything, but every time it takes more money out of health and less and less invests in vaccination campaigns.

The policy of the coup poster is to make the population poorer and more sick. Instead of investing in health, they fill up pockets of bank money. You have to understand that the right is not at all concerned about the health of the population. You must go to the streets to exercise your rights, press and defeat right!

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