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Notepad in PSD. Day 5. The survey has arrived and Rangel has put Euromillions to think about "flying sheep" – the observer

Paulo Rangel appeared on the fifth day of the campaign as if he had a wake-up call. A bad poll came at the end of the afternoon, but the candidate spotted a flying sheep and was optimistic about the victory.

Paulo Rangel from the poll already knew he was giving five points to PS this Friday before the day starts. The start of this Friday was as if he had got it call for awakening. Rangel 2014 is not enough to defeat PS, but need Rangel in 2009. Combative, and even hyperactive, as the reports of this campaign said.

Whoever saw the candidate in the first four days, he realized that he had vitality when speaking in crowded rooms and in front of hundreds of people, but seemed a little absent on the street. Action on the street looked more like a burden, except for more relaxed moments, such as riding a bicycle along the Aveiro River. But this Friday all changed. Right in Trancosus, Rangel looked more smiling, more communicative. Even playful to deny the apparent clumsiness of the other days. "It was misunderstanding"He said about the lack of patience to listen to people."

After that, lunch with businessmen from the agricultural sector followed, where the candidate adjusted the speech to the audience again. He visited a hospital that did not lose focus: to criticize the degradation of the national health service due to detainees in the government.

The streets did not hurt the candidate, although this is far from being an example of a mobilization (apparatus) or a political example of a "little devil" with the population. At the same time as a poll that was negative for him came out, Rangel submitted Euromillions. The win will need more than luck, but it is said that it will not change the strategy that has followed up to now. And even says he's "optimistic".

Something unexpected happened in the morning, there was no cow for flying, but the escort caused sheep to fly from pasture on the road, in the dark jumps in Celikik to Beir. One of the first sheep jumped and everyone else went back. That's what Rangel asks of the PSD militants: to mobilize massively. Perhaps this is why on this occasion he said: "It is important that the herd" does not indicate "rough" sheep.

"I've always been relaxed, there is a" misunderstanding ", a little confusion, I've always been relaxed. But" Paulinho das fairas ", this is already very comfortable, too easy. But I was always relaxed

Paulo Rangel explains that the fact of dealing with people is not clumsy, but it's just the way. The PSD candidate says that he has always had "ease" in contact with people, but he likes to respect the space of those who are working or doing their shopping.

High. It was learned Friday that Pedro Passos Coelho will enter the PSD campaign, such as Manuel Ferreira Leite. PSD has only a chance to achieve a good result if a party is united. Passers-by and united barons join Montenegro to go through Espinho (though minimal), it's good to mobilize the structure.

Low. Paulo Rangel continues to talk to people in unfavorable situations. "Go work," he heard from one voter in Trancosus. He said, "Okay, okay," he followed. Although in confrontation it is always unpredictable to stop, it continues without much patience for people.

José Batista, a retired 76-year-old, is one of many undecided voters who still have to decide who will vote in the European elections. Naturally from Trancosus, he says he has not yet decided to "vote because" because he only has a "fourth class". This confuses him with regard to the choice of politicians: "If I see people on television about graduates who behave badly towards each other, how can I know who to vote for? I can not know.

Hosey believes that "people do not vote because of this, they do not know who to vote." Come, one says evil, another comes evil, everyone speaks badly about each other. "

Shortly thereafter, the genuine speech was also outraged: "Everyone is going," I am better, I am burning. "But they are all the same. The policy is for those who take dividends from her, otherwise nobody wants to know about it.

Paulo Rangel went to see herds of sheep before visiting a cottage cheese shop in Celorica to Beira. The sheep became very upset and eventually escaped. The pastor had to go, by the way, to bring them back. The candidate did not want to use the moment for a political message and refused to say who she was "the sheep" of the European election campaign. It was a few minutes of fun at the Sita, which broke through the movements of the throne and was valuable images.

The first trip to Viseu-Trancoso, with accompanying 76 kilometers before visiting the market and the fair. Then the candidate went to Celorico to Beira to visit the cheese factory, completing it more than 26 kilometers. They followed them eight kilometers to lunch where Rangel exchanged impressions with farmers. More follow- 29 kilometers to the hospital to Guarda. And more two kilometers to Sé for contact with the population. More follow- six kilometers until dinner with the militants in Maçainhas, Guarda. At the end of the day, the Observer team (like escorts) will sleep Vizela: more 250 kilometers, where it will start the sixth day of the campaign. This fifth day will have 389 kilometers.

Total value rises 1393 kilometers from the official campaign period.

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