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PS, a party with a lack of attention – Observer

Did Costa not consider Freeport licensing strange? Have not you had a moment of confusion before the process of the degree of José Sócrates? Did the lifestyle of the Prime Minister never bother you? Intervention in TVI? CGD? BCP? PT? … nothing. Nadinha.

Considering the unbelievability of such a statement, I do not know if I would rather think that Antonio Costa is wrong or is suffering from the most unusual deficit of attention ever recorded in this world. And I guess it's in others.

But the problem of Antony Costa's statements is not exhausted by this seemingly grossly incredible. In fact, apart from this almost anecdotal discovery of what he did not understand, António Costa cleverly tries to convey the idea that the facts are only later known, that it is not known exactly when this happened, but that it must have been "after". Only that was not later. It was a "flow" because practically since José Sócrates became prime minister who began to come to public news that caused many doubts in his way of acting.

Contrary to what António Costa said, the Socialists did not just know these discoveries, but they attacked those who made them. It was a time of "devastation". Did Socrates' diplomas and records in RA have a few inconsistencies? What was that important? It was an ass. How could José Socrates maintain this standard of living? It was awful. The Soviet unanimity that the Socialists guaranteed to Socrates enabled him to do what he wanted.

Finally, Antonio Costa calls out a fraud "to leave justice to justice" not to speak about the relationship between PS and him with José Sócrates. What is required of Antonia Costa and PS is not to say what justice is – Socrates – but about what is morally: the non-critical relationship they had with their former leader.

And this exercise is all the more important when one day it will no longer be necessary for the governments of Socrates, but for Antonia Kostu. Because it is the acriticism of this relationship, his voluntary blindness enabled Socrates to do what Antonio Koch defined as "facts that came to the public" in the past. And exactly this attitude in which the Socialists voluntarily ignore everything that compromises their exercise of power, which explains that the government of Antonia Costa is now destroying the NHS, closing the best schools, and proposing Pedro Silve Pereira to the vice-president of the European Parliament. , without any dispute between socialists.

I do not doubt that the Socialists, when faced with the sequence of events this week and other such weeks – on Friday, PS, PCP and BE, agreed to approve the basic law on healthcare that abolishes. the Decree-Law on Public-Private Partnership (PPP). On Saturday, PCP announced that it wants a new tax on bank deposits over 100,000 euros. In the second case, BE proposed the creation of the National Judicial Service. On Tuesday, Parliament discussed the possible creation of quotas for afro-descendants and Gypsies, and in the fourth, the essential hate campaign against the public enemy of the day (this time was the role of Fatima Bonifacio) was to grow – to declare that they did not see the impact of measures . Or that the Communists imposed them. Maybe BE was pressed or PR wanted …

PS that was with Socrates and now declares that he never knew anything was the same PS that negotiated with the memorandum of understanding with the troika and then not only forgot what he signed as it happened against that same memorandum. One day that same PS, and perhaps Antonio Costa, will say that between 2015 and 2019 they never had any signs that would have led them to suspect that the country of propaganda was not a reality.

PS. Discarding the police and promoting a culture of impunity brings fruits. In the last 24 hours, we had "disrespect in Monte da Caparici, Almada": "Two groups of people committed contempt on Saturday in Monte da Caparica, Almada, where they shot firearms in the air, but when the patrol of the GNR arrived" "U Queluzu, the CP station had to be closed "after a knife clash between rival groups. (…) more than a hundred people will participate in the conflicts. "Facing this increasing problem, I proposed mandatory quotas for politicians, associate leaders, commentators and journalists. They will have to use public transport and live in the areas mentioned in the news on "groups", "confrontations between rival groups" and "disrespect."

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